Connect to RabbitMQ


QueueExplorer needs RabbitMQ management plugin to be installed and enabled:

By default it is accepting management requests ar port 15672.

Apart from that, QueueExplorer also needs access to AMQP port, which is 5672 by default.


When SSL/TLS is used, default ports are 5671 for AMQP and 15671 for management port.


You can choose whether to load all Vhosts from a broker, or just a selected one. Using single vhost would be faster, and required if you don’t have permissions for other ones.

Alt. management host

You can use different host name for management API, in case it’s different from AMQP host name.

Management SSL/TLS

Use this if SSL/TLS mode for management port should be different than for AMQP. By default, it’s ‘Same as AMQP’.

Client certificate

For a client certificate to be understood on the .NET platform, they can be in a number of formats including DER and PKCS#12 but not PEM. For the DER format, .NET expects them to be stored in files with .cer

Authentication mechanism

“Auth” setting configures whether QueueExplorer will use PLAIN authentication, i.e. username/password, or EXTERNAL, which uses client name specified in client certificate.