What’s new in QueueExplorer 5.x?

QueueExplorer Standard

Dark/light mode

QueueExplorer now supports both dark and light themes.

Full Hi-Dpi supports

QueueExplorer now fully supports HiDpi monitors. This includes sharp vector icons. You can also manually increase text size and other elements will be changed accordingly.

Multi server connectivity and tabs

These features were previously available only in Professional edition, but can be now used in Standard as well. You can add multiple connections, organize them in the group, and open new tabs as needed.

QueueExplorer Professional

Schema (metadata) operations

Schema operations allows user to export/copy definitions of queueing objects: queues, topics, exchanges, vhosts, etc. This is useful when migrating servers, comparing servers, quickly duplicating test objects, etc.

Faster custom columns

Custom XML, JSON or Regex columns are now calculated in multiple background threads, increasing performance and responsiveness when custom columns are used.