Comparison with MSMQ Computer Management

What does QueueExplorer offer that is not available from MSMQ Console?

Explorer-like operations

  • Delete individual messages - with MMC all you can do is delete all messages from queue (purge), now you can delete individual messages too.
  • Move and copy messages between queues using drag&drop or clipboard operations.
  • Access remote queues - not all operations are supported, check Limitations for more info.
  • Save/load - one or several messages can be selected at once and saved to single file. Messages can be loaded later to the same or another queue, on the same or different computer. This is great for backup purposes or for saving messages for later testing.
  • See all messages in a queue - MMC shows only first 1000 messages.
  • Reorder - send message to back of queue. Great for poison messages - move it to the back and let pending messages be processed - and deal with poison one latter.
  • Sort messages by any available field.
  • Filtering messages by any field.
  • Connect to multiple MSMQ servers
  • Group servers
  • Tabbed interface
  • Custom folders (PRO)

Schema (metadata) features (PRO)

  • Export/import definitions of public and private queues.
  • Copy/paste definitions of queues, even between private and public nodes.
  • Compare schemas you can compare imported schema without applying changes.

Performance testing

  • Bulk sender - easily send thousands of messages for performance and scalability testing, with adjustable delay after each message.