QueueExplorer features

Explorer-like operations

Move, copy, or delete messages

Messages can be handled same as in explorer, using drag&drop or clipboard operations. Multiple messages can be selected and operated at once.

Save/load messages

One or several messages can be selected and saved to a file. Messages can be loaded later to the same or another queue, on the same or different computer. This is great for backup purposes or for saving messages for later testing.

Sort messages

Sort them by any available fields. Since sorting shows messages in different order than they'll be processed, QueueExplorer adds "Msg #" column so you can still see what gets processed first.

Filter/search messages

Message list can be filtered to quickly find one or more messages. Advanced filtering involving multiple fields is available as well.

See all messages in a queue

QueueExplorer loads messages progressively making it really fast to see messages on top of queue while still loading all of them in the background.

Reorder messages

QueueExplorer can send messages to back of queue. Great if top message can't be processed (poison messages) - move it to the back and let other pending messages be processed - and deal with poison one latter.

Auto refresh

QueueExplorer can refresh queues and messages all the time in the background. Changed data will briefly flash to make it easier to see changes.

Flexible GUI

Panels can be docked, rearranged, or hidden.

Edit messages

Message body and most important fields are editable. Message can be sent to original queue or somewhere else.

Create test messages

Easy creation of messages for testing purposes - body can be loaded from file or entered in text field. All other fields can be set as well.

More message views

QueueExplorer has different views for different types of messages: XML, JSON, text with different encodings (UTF-8, ASCII...), WCF, .Net, Hex...

View serialized .Net objects

If message body is .Net object you can see object's fields in detail.

Save/load message body

Message body can be saved and loaded during message editing.

Additional message properties exposed

MSMQ extension (with detailed view), app specific, acknowledgment info, etc.
ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ custom message headers, etc.

Performance and stress testing

Bulk sender

Easily send thousands of messages for performance and scalability testing, with adjustable delay after each message.

QueueExplorer Professional

Professional edition is better suited for managing multiple servers and more complex scenarios.

See additional features of Professional edition

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