Working with tabs

QueueExplorer supports opening multiple tabs. As you select queues, machines or groups in left tree view, new selection will be displayed in current tab. There are several ways to open new tab:

  • New Tab icon in toolbar newTab
  • New Tab from File menu
  • Open in New Tab from context menu
  • Ctrl-T from keyboard
  • Middle mouse click on item in left tree view
  • Ctrl + left mouse click on item in left tree view
  • Double click on a queue in queues list in right panel

Closing tabs

  • Click on Close tab button
  • Right click on a tab opens context menu with Close/Close All/Close All But This
  • Close tab from File menu
  • Ctrl-W from keyboard

Switching tabs

  • Ctrl-Tab, Ctrl-Shift-Tab - switch to next/previous tab
  • When you drag something, when cursor is brought over some tab, QueueExplorer will switch to that tab.