Connect to ActiveMQ


QueueExplorer needs Jolokia (REST management interface) to be installed and enabled. By default it is installed and runs on port 8161.

Also, QueueExplorer needs access to standard ActiveMQ OpenWire port, by default 61616 to receive and send messages.


When SSL/TLS is turned on, QueueExplorer will use secure connections for both http and OpenWire protocols. That means both of these ports should be adjusted to their SSL/TLS port numbers. If you didn’t edit them manually, QueueExplorer will change that automatically.

You can also choose version of SSL/TLS protocols used. In newer setups default TLS1.2 should be the choice.

Separate Jolokia credentials

When this checkbox is checked, QueueExplorer will use separate set of username/password for Jolokia.