Comparison with Azure Service Bus Portal

What does QueueExplorer offer that is not available from Azure portal?

Explorer-like operations

  • Preview of all queue messages - see all messages from a queue or subscription.
  • Delete, Move or Copy messages between queues or topics using drag&drop or clipboard operations.
  • Save/load - one or several messages can be selected at once and saved to a file. Messages can be loaded later to the same or another queue, on the same or different computer. This is great for backup purposes or for saving messages for later testing.
  • Access to deadletter queues - check and fully manage deadletter queues.
  • Scheduled/deferred messages - inspect and manage all scheduled or deferred messages in a queue.
  • Sessions - access to all sessions in a queue, with messages inside them.
  • Subscription rules/filters - inspect and adjust subscription rules and filters.
  • Sort messages by any available field.
  • Filtering messages by any field.
  • Connect to multiple namespaces
  • Group namespaces
  • Tabbed interface
  • Custom folders (PRO)

Schema (metadata) features (PRO)

  • Export/import definitions of queueing objects - queues, topics, subscriptions.
  • Copy/paste definitions of queueing objects.
  • Compare schemas you can compare imported schema without applying changes.

Performance testing

  • Bulk sender - easily send thousands of messages for performance and scalability testing, with adjustable delay after each message.