About us

Cogin was founded in 2004, when it became obvious that Microsoft Message Queueing needs proper management console. QueueExplorer quickly became indispensable tool for everyone working with MSMQ. We're now expanding our support to other messaging systems, trying to make life a bit easier for all who use Azure Service Bus, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, and other queuing technologies.

Dejan Grujic -

Wrote his first Hello world back in 1985 on Atari 800XL. 15 years later hobby turned into profession after graduating in Computer Science at University of Belgrade. Started with Java, but since 2002 his focus shifted towards .Net. After learning about MSMQ Dejan fell in love with asynchronous messaging. With experience as lead developer on several larger applications for financial industry, Dejan is currently mostly dealing with queuing systems.

Marija Grujic

Graduated in Computer Science at University of Belgrade. Started as asp developer, but moved to .Net in 2002, all the time maintaining focus on web technologies.