QueueMonitor Beta – monitoring and automation for MSMQ

QueueMonitor Beta is here

Thanks for your support during alpha testing of QueueMonitor! That helped us a lot to reach this point. We are now ready for Beta stage. What does Beta mean in our case? It means QueueMonitor passes our internal tests, doesn’t have any known issues and doesn’t consume much memory or CPU when left running for prolonged periods of time. In other words, it behaves as fully functional software.

Of course, it’s rare that any software survives first contact with real world usage. That’s why we need your help with Beta testing.

Standard and Professional editions

With this Beta release we split QueueMonitor to two editions, based on distinct usage patterns we saw so far. First edition is QueueMonitor Standard. It’s simpler and covers basic functionality – MSMQ checks for queue size, poison message, outgoing and deadletter queues, or whether MSMQ is running at all. It also handles backup, mostly useful to periodically empty journals and keep them somewhere else. We believe this edition is something that will be useful to anyone using MSMQ.

Second edition is QueueMonitor Professional. This one is more complex but can handle automatic processing, transformation and integration tasks. Of course it contains all checks and tasks from Standard edition, but adds few more: continuously process all messages from a queue, process files from a folder as they show up, or execute any exe file. This would not mean much without ability to modify message before it’s passed on. So Professional edition has additional “actions” which can be applied to messages – change message, parse it to extract specific business data (e.g. order id, customer name…) and use these values afterwards, perform XPath or XSLT, etc. There are also conditional If/Else operations to customize processing based on content of message. What happens in the end? Message can be sent to another queue, saved to file, sent to database using arbitrary SQL or to FTP server. This allows you to quickly create solution which would integrate several different sources, or automate some MSMQ tasks.

Download QueueMonitor Beta

You can download it here: