Automatic MSMQ processing

QueueMonitor allows you to automatically process messages, extract business relevant data and use it for conditional processing.

QueueMonitor Professional

Process messages

Automate message processing without writing any code. Analyze message, and depending on its content send it to some other queue, save to file, modify body, transform with XSLT, etc. Retry in case of failure.

If source queue is transactional, MSMQ and database operations will be performed under transaction and rolled back in case of failure.

JSON and XML message parsing

It's easy to process JSON and XML based messages with QueueMonitor. With sample XML/JSON window you can see in real time how XPath, XSLT, or JSON selector work.

You can extract values of interest like order number, custom name, etc. from your messages and use them later for integration with database, in If/Else conditions, or in any other message based action QueueMonitor supports.

If/Else conditional processing

If/Else actions can evaluate any of message's properties or custom values you extracted from message body. Or use XPath directly if your message is XML.

Macro based processing

Macros can be used to customize QueueMonitor processing and results. There are predefined macros that allow you access to label, body, etc, but there are also custom macros which contain results from XPath extraction, SQL operations, etc.

QueueMonitor Standard

Backup messages

Periodic backups help you keep old messages for historic purposes - especially useful for journaled messages.

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Monitoring with QueueMonitor

Integration with QueueMonitor