Integrating MSMQ with external services

QueueMonitor Professional

Input-output integration

QueueMonitor can use these resources as source of messages, as well as to send output results:

SQL Server

Integrate MSMQ with SQL Server - enter any kind of SQL, using properties from currently processed message. There is support to pass SQL Parameters separately, to avoid SQL injection problems.

SQL Server can also be used as a source, each row of SQL resultset will be processed as a message.

File based integration

QueueMonitor can watch a folder and automatically process new files. Files are converted to in-memory messages which can be processed using same actions and rules as if they came from MSMQ queue.

QueueMonitor deals with retries, moves successful and failed files to historic storage, and periodically cleans up these folders.

Output integration

QueueMonitor can send its results to these resources:


Send message content to remote FTP server.

Invoke HTTP services

Send message content to HTTP server.

Command line apps

Invoke command line apps.

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Monitoring with QueueMonitor

Automation with QueueMonitor