QueueMonitor 1.0 released

Thanks for your feedback and support during beta testing of QueueMonitor! That helped us a lot to reach v1.0.

What’s new for v1.0?

Apart from smaller fixes, there are two significant improvements. First one is import/export of tasks. It makes it easy to configure tasks on one server and transfer them to another one. Or to create backup before you start modifying tasks.

Second improvement is documentation. Whenever you’re creating or editing task you can hit F1 and get help for that specific task.

What’s next?

It largely depends on you and our other users. We’ll listen for what you need, but for start we plan to make it easier to set up and monitor multiple servers from single admin console.

Download QueueMonitor 1.0:

You can download it here:

Trial version works for 30 days, which you can extend for another 15. When trial is completed QueueMonitor doesn’t stop any of its tasks. Instead, it just goes to read only mode where you can’t edit tasks or create new ones. But all existing monitoring and processing tasks will continue to work as they did up to that point. You can always stop QueueMonitor service or uninstall it completely if you don’t want these tasks to run any more.