QueueExplorer 3.1 – body can be displayed in messages list

QueueExplorer 3.1 brings one long awaited feature – message’s body can be displayed in a list as a separate column, among other message fields. With this, you can easily sort or filter by body content. Currently only text bodies are supported, in several mostly used encodings.

There are several other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Correlation ID is now editable
  • Dialog for queue properties is not modal any more – multiple properties can be opened at once
  • If .Net 4.0 is installed, it will be used by default, making it easier to use .Net 4.0 assemblies for body view
  • Bugfix: Outgoing queues didn’t work in some scenarios
  • Bugfix: Transactional status for remote queues was not saved correctly in some cases
  • Bugfix: Column widths were not saved
  • Bugfix: If there were 2 or more “Saves” without refreshing queue, all saves after first one could have duplicate messages
  • Performance improvement – message bodies are cached

You can download new version from here: