QueueExplorer 3.0 Standard and Professional released

We released new major version of QueueExplorer. Here’s list of most important new features in QueueExplorer 3.0:

  • Message body is visible at all times, so it’s much easier to check several messages in a queue – body will be automatically displayed as you click on message.
  • Subqueues are supported if QueueExplorer runs on OS which offers that functionality (Windows Vista or higher).
  • Messages can be quickly filtered by any field, or you can even create more complex queries.
  • Performance is improved in several areas. Now it’s realistic to open, select, save or load queues with tens of thousands of messages.
  • New file format is compressed and much smaller than before, and it doesn’t need lot of memory during save/load as prevoius file format did.
  • WCF messages viewer.
  • Color coded XML editor replaced previous read-only XML view.

There are also some changes which are maybe not so big, but improve user experience nevertheless:

  • Message window is now resizable, and most used fields are selectable so that you can easily copy message ID for instance
  • “New message” window offers several more properties which can be set
  • Save multiple message bodies to multiple files using macros to determine file names
  • Maximum number of loaded messages can be quickly set from a toolbar

Features list with screenshots

QueueExplorer 3.0 Professional

For the first time we have two editions of QueueExplorer. Standard edition has all these improvements listed above. However there is also QueueExplorer Professional, which would be more useful to those who handle multiple MSMQ servers. Here are main improvements for this edition:

  • Connect to multiple MSMQ servers at once.
  • Group related servers for easier management.
  • Tabbed interface allows you to keep several machines or queues open and quickly switch between them.

Download QueueExplorer 3.0 Standard or Professional