QueueExplorer 1.4.1 – fix for TimeToReachQueue issue

QueueExplorer 1.4.1 fixes potentially very unpleasant problem – sometimes messages would get lost when they are sent to a queue – during paste, mass paste, load or drag&drop operations.

When it happens?
Messages could be lost when they are sent to remote queue and their TimeToReachQueue or TimeToBeReceived properties are 0. Practically it happens if messages stay in queue unconsumed for very long time.

Why it happens?
All QueueExplorer operations are performed using standard MSMQ Send/Receive operations. When message with TimeToReachQueue=0 is sent to remote queue, it would be discarded. Sometimes one or few messages could reach destination queue (depending on exact timing) but following messages are lost. Some of these messages would show up in outgoing queue for a while, but not for long.

How is this fixed?
TimeToReachQueue or TimeToBeReceived are set to 60s if they are below that value at the time of sending.