Beta Azure Service Bus support in QueueExplorer

We’ve been working on Azure Service Bus support for QueueExplorer for a while, fought hard with its API not suited for our needs, but finally, it’s ready for beta testing. You can check it here:

Why should you try QueueExplorer if you’re working with Azure Service Bus?

QueueExplorer is explorer-like tool, which gives you insight in queues, topics and subscriptions, allowing you to inspect, move, copy, or edit messages in different ways. Azure portal just doesn’t give you any of that, and it’s often critical for understanding what’s going on. With QueueExplorer you can easily create test messages, see what goes where, debug and fix problems.

Since QueueExplorer supports all Azure Service Bus messaging concept, you can dig into messages that ended up in dead letter queue, or which are scheduled or deferred for later. Or you can postpone processing by taking any message and scheduling it for later.

What about topics and subscriptions?

Click on a topic and you’ll get a list of all subscriptions and their filters, so it’s easy to tell which messages go to which subscription. Of course, you can edit these filters and rules.

Does it support sessions?

Yes, you can get a list of sessions in a queue or subscription, and messages belonging to them:

You can download beta here: