Explorer-like management for queues

MSMQ, Azure Service Bus, and ActiveMQ

With QueueExplorer you can do much more than with built-in management console - copy, move or delete messages, save and load, stress test, view and edit full message bodies (with support for XML, JSON, .Net objects...), and much more.

Key benefits for developers/testers

  • Test sending and receiving applications independently of each other - create, store, analyze, edit, and resend test messages.
  • Send thousands of messages for performance testing.
  • View and edit message body in detail - JSON, XML, WCF, .Net...
  • Extract your own business data from messages using XPath, JSON, or Regex (Pro).

Key benefits for administrators

  • Backup and restore messages.
  • Manage local and remote queues.
  • Troubleshoot, fix and resend poison and failed/deadletter messages.
  • Filter and sort messages to quickly find important data.
  • Tab based interface for working with multiple servers at once (Pro).

Benefits for specific messaging system

Additional benefits over built-in MSMQ console:

  • Operate with one or more messages at once.
  • See and edit full message body.
  • Message list is not limited to Top 1000.
  • Manage remote machines.
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Additional benefits over Azure portal:

  • Manage scheduled or deferred messages.
  • Access Deadletter and Transfer queues.
  • Manage session queues - see all sessions with their messages and edit session state.
  • Configure subscription rules, and easily see how they're configured for all subscriptions within a topic.
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Additional benefits over ActiveMQ web console

  • Live Topic view - watch messages as they arrive.
  • All message and header properties are available in a message list, and can be used for filtering and sorting.
  • Reduced clutter - collapse all queues/topics with same prefix, e.g. ActiveMQ.Advisory.Connection, ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer...
  • Although QueueExplorer is Windows application, it can manage remote ActiveMQ brokers running on Unix/Linux.

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Multi system support

QueueExplorer supports multiple messaging system in one program. You don't need to purchase new licenses if you decide to migrate to another system or already manage different message brokers.

This not only protects your investement, but also reduces learning curve in that process for all team members.

New in QueueExplorer 4.x

  • Auto refresh
  • Progressive message loading
  • ActiveMQ support
  • Flexible GUI with docking panels
  • Better MSMQ connectivity with QueueProxy

New in Professional edition:

  • Extract data from messages using XPath, JSON, or Regex
  • Custom folders for queues
  • Improved queue views

Full list of improvements in 4.0 with screenshots

Standard vs Professional editions

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Main window
Main window

Message body
Message body - .Net view

Message body
Message body - XML Editor

Mass paste
Bulk sender

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