Advanced Explorer-like
ActiveMQ management console

Develop, troubleshoot, and manage ActiveMQ using fast and powerful Windows-based QueueExplorer.

Supports remote Unix/Linux/Windows ActiveMQ brokers.

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Unleash ActiveMQ messages

Manage messages like files

Copy/paste, save, load, filter, sort, etc.

View and edit messages

Multiple views: JSON, XML, Hex, Text with different encodings.

Create test messages

Use all available ActiveMQ properties and custom header values.

See ActiveMQ activity in real time

Watch topic messages

QueueExplorer subscribes to topic and shows messages as they arrive

Auto-refresh queues

Easily see changes in non-topic queues as well.

Stress test ActiveMQ

Use Bulk sender to send thousands of messages for performance testing.

Make sense of it all

Extract business data

Use XPath, JSON, Regex to mine data from your messages, and put it in a column which can then be filtered and sorted.
(QueueExplorer Professional)

Organize queues and servers

Use custom folders to see related queues in single space. Connect and organize multiple ActiveMQ brokers.
(QueueExplorer Professional)

Reduce clutter

Collapse all queues/topics with same prefix, like:



Perpetual, one time price

Move/Copy/Delete messages
Save/Load messages
XML/JSON/Hex/Text editing
Real-time topics view
Filter/sort messages



Perpetual, one time price

Organize multiple servers
Tabbed interface
Extract business data from messages
Queue views
+ All from Standard

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