QueueExplorer on Linux!

With new Wine 3.0, it’s finally compatible enough to allow QueueExplorer to run under Linux! That’s a good news for users running ActiveMQ on Linux and needing more powerful management tool. However it looks ugly at this point, installation is cumbersome, but once it’s running firsts tests look promising.

How did I get this working?

First, binary stable version of Wine 3.0 is not yet available for my test Ubuntu. So I installed latest one from development branch:


Next step was to run .Net framework installation. Unfortunately, just running installer doesn’t seem to work for now. However there’s a winetricks script which helps with that:


Once it was running, I used its GUI to install .Net 4.6.1. Well, that didn’t went perfectly, there were number of warnings and errors but at the end it finished. After that QueueExplorer installation went without a glitch. Once it was running I could connect to ActiveMQ instance and manage queues and messages.