QueueExplorer 1.1 released – .Net view, remote sending, message body operations…

Finally MSMQ messages with serialized .Net objects are not black boxes any more – instead of seeing them in some hex view QueueExplorer allows you to see full .Net objects with all their fields, even private ones! It doesn’t matter if binary or Xml serialization is used. All you need to do is tell QueueExplorer where to find assembly with classes.
This is not all of MSMQ troubleshooting features in this release – message body can be saved to disk for further analysis. You can use that body to create new messages.
Remote queues are no more read-only! Yes, you can do all these nice things that used to work with local queues only – send, copy, move messages, even mass paste on remote machines.

Download QueueExplorer 1.1 now – http://www.cogin.com/mq/download.php