Introduction to RabbitMQ for MSMQ users

A short 6 parts Introduction. Since it was written for people who already have some MSMQ experience, it's a distilled way to get you started.

Part 1 - Introduction
What's an exchange, virtual host, intro about RabbitMQ queues and messages.
Part 2 - RabbitMQ Exchanges
Different exchange types, what are bindings and how they work.
Part 3 - More about queues
Queue properties and deadlettering.
Part 4 - Policies
What are policies and how they help us work with queues and exchanges.
Part 5 - Distributed brokers
How multiple RabbitMQ brokers communicate - Federation, Shovel, and clustering.
Part 6 - Developer's perspective
Declaring queues and exchanges, message acknowledgments and other details of publishing and consuming messages.