How to delete specific message from ActiveMQ queue

Here's how to quickly delete one or more messages from ActiveMQ queue using QueueExplorer:

Step 1 - Locate messages

  • Click on the queue in QueueExplorer to see a list of messages.
  • Find messages you want to delete, either manually, or by filtering by message body, label, id...
  • QueueExplorer Professional allows you to filter by more granular data, by extracting business data from messages using XPath, JSON or regular expressions.
  • Select specific messages you want to delete.

Step 2 - Delete messages

  • Click on Delete button in toolbar, pick "Delete" from menu, or just press Delete key.

QueueExplorer can also:

  • Delete all messages in a ActiveMQ queue at once - using "Purge" from context menu.

QueueExplorer: Explorer-like management for ActiveMQ


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