QueueMonitor Actions

What is an action in QueueMonitor?

Actions allow you to customize how QueueMonitor processes messages. You can choose series of steps in which message is parsed, changed, sometimes depending on content of message or some other condition. At the end it's usually sent to some other queue, saved database or file, etc.

Actions available in both Standard and Professional editions

MSMQ actions

Send to queue
Sends message to a MSMQ queue.
Move to subqueue
Moves message to subqueue of source queue.

Save to filesystem actions

Save to single .mq file

Save all processed messages to single .mq file. All message properties are saved. Each time task is run - a new .mq file will be created, unless there are no messages to be processed. If task includes multiple queues, each of them will get separate .mq file.

This action is mostly useful when lot of messages are saved. E.g. when backing up journal.

Save to separate .mq files
Save each processed message to separate .mq file. All message properties are saved.
Save body
Saves message's body to a file. Other message properties are not saved.

Actions available in QueueMonitor Professional only

Modify message actions (PRO)

Find/Replace in Label
Changes text in message's label.
Find/Replace in Body
Changes text in message's body.
Change message properties
Change one of message properties: Label, App specific, Body type, or Priority
Change body encoding
Convert body from one encoding to another. Input encoding can be automatically discovered or specified explicitly.

XML actions (PRO)

XPath Replace
Search and replace within message's body using XPath.
Perform XSL transformation on message body.

Custom value actions (PRO)

These actions allow you to extract data from a message, and use extracted value later, for If/Else conditions or in other actions.
Custom value from XML
Extract data from XML using XPath
Custom value from JSON
Extract data from JSON using JSON selectors.

If/Else conditional actions (PRO)

If (Query) Then/Else
Evaluates a query for each message.
Perform one set of actions if condition was true, or another one if it was false.
If (XPath) Then/Else
Evaluates XPath for each message.
Perform one set of actions if condition was true, or another one if it was false.

External Integration actions (PRO)

FTP Send
Send message to FTP server.
Execute SQL. You can INSERT message content into database, UPDATE some records or execute any other SQL.
Web request
Execute http request

Suggest your own actions

This is work in progress, and we always prefer to put stuff people actually need on top of our To-do list. If you need an action that's not already available we'd be glad to hear about it.

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