Install QueueExplorer on Linux

QueueExplorer can be run using Wine on Linux. Since it's nontrivial to manually set it up, we created a script which downloads and sets up all needed pieces.

Step 1 - install Wine 6.6 or newer

Follow instructions for your distribution on WineHQ web site. Wine 5.x releases up to v6.6 had broken .Net framework compatibility.

We recommend Wine 7

QueueExplorer was tested with Wine version 7, Developer branch, since stable Wine 7 branch was not yet available on Ubuntu as of 19th January 2022.

If everything is ok, typing "wine --version" will give you "wine-7.0" or something similar.

Step 2 - Run script to download and set up QueueExplorer prerequisites

Here's what this script does:

* Wine prefix is a way to separate different applications, so that each app can have separate configuration, installed libraries, etc.
Since .Net doesn't run well under Wine in 64-bit mode, we're creating separate 32-bit Wine prefix.


wget -O installQE
chmod +x installQE


Upgrading existing installation will be much faster if you use following upgrade script:

wget -O upgradeQE
chmod +x upgradeQE

Messaging system requirements

  • Installed and running Message Queueing service
  • MSMQ is shipped with Windows. If it's not already installed go to:
    Add or Remove programs - Add/Remove Windows Components - Message Queuing

* Windows 8 and Windows 2012 can cause blue screen on some configurations when accessing remote queues. It is MSMQ issue but affects QueueExplorer users as well. More details and hotfix:

  • Azure Service Bus, Basic/Standard/Premium tier
  • Not supported: Service Bus for Windows Server (Service Bus 1.1)
  • ActiveMQ broker installed on Unix/Linux/Windows
  • ActiveMQ 5.8 or higher.
  • Enabled Rest (Jolokia) management interface. This is turned on by default with newer ActiveMQ releases.
    Default port: 8161.
  • Enabled Openwire protocol (standard ActiveMQ messaging protocol enabled by default).
    Default port: 61616.