Install QueueExplorer on Linux

QueueExplorer can be run using Wine on Linux. Since it's nontrivial to manually set it up, we created a script which downloads and sets up all needed pieces.

Step 1 - install Wine 3 or newer

Follow instructions for your distribution on WineHQ web site. QueueExplorer was tested with Wine version 3, Stable and Develop releases. Current develop version seems to work better.

If everything is ok, typing "wine --version" will give you "wine-3.0" or something similar.

Step 2 - Run script to download and set up QueueExplorer prerequisites

Here's what this script does:

* Wine prefix is a way to separate different applications, so that each app can have separate configuration, installed libraries, etc.
Since .Net doesn't run well under Wine in 64-bit mode, we're creating separate 32-bit Wine prefix.


wget -O installQE
chmod +x installQE


Upgrading existing installation will be much faster if you use following upgrade script:

wget -O upgradeQE
chmod +x upgradeQE

Messaging system requirements

  • Installed and running Message Queueing service
  • MSMQ is shipped with Windows. If it's not already installed go to:
    Add or Remove programs - Add/Remove Windows Components - Message Queuing

* Windows 8 and Windows 2012 can cause blue screen on some configurations when accessing remote queues. It is MSMQ issue but affects QueueExplorer users as well. More details and hotfix:

  • Azure Service Bus, Basic/Standard/Premium tier
  • Not supported: Service Bus for Windows Server (Service Bus 1.1)
  • ActiveMQ broker installed on Unix/Linux/Windows
  • ActiveMQ 5.8 or higher.
  • Enabled Rest (Jolokia) management interface. This is turned on by default with newer ActiveMQ releases.
    Default port: 8161.
  • Enabled Openwire protocol (standard ActiveMQ messaging protocol enabled by default).
    Default port: 61616.