QueueExplorer Versions

5.0.40 (2024/05/08)
  • Alternative management host for RabbitMQ can now accept full url, not just a host name. That way if management api is available through a proxy which adds path to url, it can be configured here. If you use full path you have to include port as well since QueueExplorer won't insert it in the middle of the path. For instance myhost:15672/management_path
5.0.39 (2024/04/09)
  • In some cases deleting messages from RabbitMQ would display an error message during cleanup at the end of operation.
5.0.38 (2024/02/09)
  • This release works with new version of QueueProxy 5.0.38
5.0.37 (2024/01/30)
  • Azure Service Bus message now supports editing Guid custom properties.
5.0.36 (2024/01/24)
  • Settings from RabbitMQ tab within preferences dialog can be overriden using global registry settings.
5.0.35 (2024/01/22)
  • Fixed another issue preventing delete for RabbitMQ quorum messages (headers got sorted when server added x-delivery-count header).
  • Added registry setting to pause refresh when computer is idle.
5.0.34 (2024/01/16)
  • Added some logging for debugging RabbitMQ delete issues.
5.0.33 (2024/01/11)
  • Deleting from RabbitMQ quorum queue could still leave some messages behind. The only explanation we have at this point is there's a bug in RabbitMQ which sometimes discards some acks which happen immediately before channel closing. It's fixed by adding artificial delay.
5.0.32 (2024/01/08)
  • QueueExplorer was not always closing connections to RabbitMQ for sending messages.
  • Delete (or cut, drag&drop) messages from RabbitMQ quorum queue could sometimes leave some messages undeleted.
5.0.31 (2023/12/21)
  • Drag and drop or delete from RabbitMQ quorum queues would sometimes leave messages which should be removed.
5.0.30 (2023/11/17)
  • DeadLetterSource for Azure Service Bus messages can be displayed in a message list.
5.0.29 (2023/10/25)
  • Filter editor didn't have text section at the bottom as described in documentation (missing dll).
5.0.28 (2023/10/05)
  • RabbitMQ performance improvements.
  • Fetching reduced amount of queue data from RabbitMQ, for faster loading and reduced server load. Full data is loaded only if detailed runtime stats are displayed (Consumers, Memory, etc).
  • Exclusive mode (fast) can be temporarily turned on or off from a toolbar.
  • There were extra non-authenticated requests to the management API, resulting in 401 result code. They are removed now.
5.0.27 (2023/10/03)
  • Azure Service Bus connections using Azure AD (Entra ID) now support connections to another tenant, i.e. not the one where user is created, provided that user is added as external guest there.
5.0.26 (2023/09/21)
  • Importing message bodies didn't work.
5.0.25 (2023/09/13)
  • RabbitMQ connection can now use client certificates.
5.0.24 (2023/09/04)
  • Closing connection when one of child nodes was opened didn't work correctly.
5.0.23 (2023/08/22)
  • Managing RabbitMQ shovels - both static and dynamic.
5.0.22 (2023/08/10)
  • QueueExplorer no longer tries to parse date times for JSON view, and displays them as they are in original document.
5.0.21 (2023/07/31)
  • Azure Service Bus purge now retries without limits when purging big queues. It should help with cases where purge stops because of timeouts or throttling. Retries are limited only for the last 1000 messages. User can cancel purge if operation gets stuck for some reason.
5.0.20 (2023/07/31)
  • When importing Azure Service Bus schema for partitioned queue or topic, QueueExplorer would fail because of incorrect max queue size.
5.0.19 (2023/07/20)
  • RabbitMQ drag/drop and cut/paste of messages didn't work since 5.0.14
5.0.18 (2023/07/06)
  • .Net view would block for some types of objects. Also, .Net view now displays properties first, fields later.
5.0.17 (2023/06/09)
  • For Azure Service Bus we can now load only subset of queues and topics for performance reasons. It's configured in "filter queues" in connection's settings. QueueExplorer will only load queues (and topics) starting with that text. You can enter multiple filters, one line each.
5.0.16 (2023/06/02)
  • User can now choose two different modes of Clipboard operations. "System" uses regular system clipboard, but since some users reported crashes due to Windows ucrtbase.dll, we introduced Internal clipboard in v5.0.9 which eliminates these crashes. However, in these cases clipboard operations won't work between two QueueExplorer instances. We recommend that you switch to internal if you experience sudden process crashes.
5.0.15 (2023/05/31)
  • Azure Service Bus - when requeuing messages with sessions, QueueExplorer would ask for session ID but would requeue even if user hits cancel.
  • Also, we'll now default to "Keep session id" for requeuing.
5.0.14 (2023/05/25)
  • RabbitMQ quorum queues were showing only top 2000 messages. Now they can show up to 65535 messages. This appears to be internal RabbitMQ limitation for quorum queues.
5.0.13 (2023/05/17)
  • Delete of Azure Service Bus subscription rule/filter when there are more than one rule didn't work correctly.
5.0.12 (2023/05/04)
  • After changing text encoding QueueExplorer would display first message from the list instead of the current one.
  • Azure Service Bus would sometimes display duplicated queue.
  • Cut/paste from Azure Service Bus subscription to a topic could fail.
5.0.11 (2023/04/26)
  • ActiveMQ messages which are not text or binary (e.g. Java object, etc) are now copied correctly.
  • When processing Azure Service Bus messages (deleting, deadlettering, etc) QueueExplorer will display when message locks are renewed, indicating that processing takes more time than lock interval is configured for a queue or subscription. It's advisable to increase lock duration, at least temporarily, in these cases. Otherwise QueueExplorer processing will be slow or would finish before all messages are processed.
5.0.10 (2023/04/10)
  • Message list could sometimes break when displaying custom values.
4.5.55 (2023/03/27)
  • QueueExplorer would sometimes crash when accessing clipboard. Unfortunately, that problem is related to Windows module ucrtbase.dll, and we have no control over it. As a workaround, QueueExplorer no longer uses Windows' clipboard, but performs copy/paste through internal structures. The only drawback is that copy/paste doesn't work any more with another QueueExplorer process. On positive side, performance and memory usage when copy/paste of large number of messages is significantly improved.
5.0.9 (2023/03/25)
  • QueueExplorer would sometimes crash when accessing clipboard. Unfortunately, that problem is related to Windows module ucrtbase.dll, and we have no control over it. As a workaround, QueueExplorer no longer uses Windows' clipboard, but performs copy/paste through internal structures. The only drawback is that copy/paste doesn't work any more with another QueueExplorer process. On positive side, performance and memory usage when copy/paste of large number of messages is significantly improved.
5.0.8 (2023/03/22)
  • Connections to RabbitMQ management API are kept alive to improve performance and prevent issues with servers with high number of queues and other objects.
4.5.54 (2023/03/22)
  • Connections to RabbitMQ management API are kept alive to improve performance and prevent issues with servers with high number of queues and other objects.
5.0.7 (2023/03/16)
  • RabbitMQ connections now specify unlimited number of unacknowledged messages, to prevent limiting by default_consumer_prefetch in advanced.config. QueueExplorer's user can use "Limit: Top 10/100/1000/10000/Show All" from a toolbar to limit how many messages will be fetched.
5.0.6 (2023/03/15)
  • QueueExplorer can now connect to a single Azure Service Bus queue or a topic, using its shared access policy (connection string).
5.0.5 (2023/03/14)
  • Could not import Azure Service Bus subscriptions into another topic.
  • Renaming topic in "Schema import" dialog didn't modify its subscriptions to use a new name.
5.0.4 (2023/03/09)
  • Fixed HiDPI handling issues.
5.0.3 (2023/03/08)
  • When turning on "scheduled" setting while creating/editing Azure Service Bus message, that message was not scheduled when sent.
4.5.53 (2023/03/08)
  • When turning on "scheduled" setting while creating/editing Azure Service Bus message, that message was not scheduled when sent.
5.0.2 (2023/03/06)
  • Updated documentation.
  • Regex column editor didn't correctly handled dark theme.
5.0.1 (2023/03/01)
  • Azure Service Bus subscription list was not displayed after clicking on a topic.
5.0.0 (2023/02/26)
  • QueueExplorer 5: dark theme, full HiDpi support, custom text size.
  • Professional edition can now work with schema (metadata) objects - copy or export definitions of queues, topics, etc.
4.5.52 (2023/02/06)
  • When 2 or more Azure Service Bus namespaces were open, and user had a queue, topic, or subscription selected, upon refresh that selected object would also show up in other opened namespaces.
4.5.51 (2023/02/02)
  • Increased timeout from 500ms to 5000ms for Azure Service Bus purge, to reduce probability of purge stopping while there are still messages in the queue.
4.5.50 (2023/01/19)
  • "Save project" now uses different encryption for passwords and connection strings, allowing it to be loaded on another machine. The other machine also needs to use v4.5.50 or later.
4.5.49 (2023/01/09)
  • Azure Service Bus messages which were deadletter from deferred or scheduled subqueues were not visible.
  • When sending (or requeuing, editing...) messages to Azure Service Bus queue/topic with "Duplicate detection" turned on, QueueExplorer will warn user of potential message loss and offer option to use auto-generated MessageID to prevent Service Bus from discarding new message.
4.5.48 (2022/11/17)
  • Optimized processing of Azure Service Bus partitioned messages - user will see a "Finalizing" progress at the end of processing, while QueueExplorer "Abandons" unprocessed but still locked messages.
4.5.47 (2022/11/15)
  • Improved delete speed for Azure Service Bus deadletter queues.
4.5.46 (2022/10/22)
  • Some Azure Service Bus operations with subscriptions launched too many "refresh count" requests, making subsequent operations very slow.
4.5.45 (2022/10/11)
  • Drag and drop move operation for ActiveMQ didn't delete source messages.
4.5.44 (2022/10/11)
  • Setting status (active/disabled...) for Azure Service Bus subscriptions didn't work.
4.5.43 (2022/10/06)
  • Azure Service Bus topics now also display scheduled messages, on both topic and subscription level.
4.5.42 (2022/09/26)
  • Xpath columns now supports functions like name() or count().
4.5.41 (2022/09/21)
  • When exporting bodies of Azure Service Bus messages and $I macro was used - it would resolve to sequence #, not MessageId.
4.5.40 (2022/08/10)
  • Message editor can be kept open after sending a message, to allow multiple sendings.
  • ActiveMQ message editor now has text/binary Body type setting.
  • There's a new column in ActiveMQ message list which displays body type (text/binary).
  • When importing multiple files to ActiveMQ queue, user can choose body type (text/binary).
4.5.39 (2022/07/23)
  • Azure Service Bus changes:
  • Deferred messages in subscription could not be deleted
  • Requeue option for deferred and scheduled messages.
  • Purge of a queue would not stop if there were deferred messages.
4.5.38 (2022/07/21)
  • Turned back on performance improvement "messages list will display only first 2000 chars of message body", but in a way that doesn't affect filtering and other functionality.
  • ActiveMQ messages sent to a compressed queue are always sent as binary messages.
  • When importing messages from files to ActiveMQ queue, they will be treated as binary messages.
  • When editing/creating ActiveMQ messages, if hex editor is selected - message will be sent as binary. Otherwise it will be sent as text.
4.5.37 (2022/07/07)
  • Support for compressed messages now includes zip archive with a single file within.
4.5.36 (2022/06/24)
  • ActiveMQ binary messages were not correctly handled.
4.5.35 (2022/06/14)
  • 'Between' filter could lead to program crash on some PC configurations.
4.5.34 (2022/04/12)
  • Gzip/Deflate functionality didn't work for Azure Service Bus session queues.
4.5.33 (2022/04/07)
  • QueueExplorer would fail if older version of Microsoft.ServiceBus library was installed system-wide in GAC.
4.5.32 (2022/03/30)
  • Azure Service Bus session queues now have additional "ungrouped by session" node, where you can see all messages from all sessions together.
4.5.31 (2022/03/25)
  • RabbitMQ quorum queues with delivery-count set up will ask a user to confirm reading messages every time because of potential message loss.
4.5.30 (2022/03/24)
  • QueueExplorer could not delete messages from RabbitMQ quorum queues.
4.5.29 (2022/03/18)
  • Improved handling of throttling with Azure Service Bus. QueueExplorer keeps 30 seconds cache and uses cached data if Service Bus sends a partial list of queues and topics due to throttling. We also keep currently opened node even if Service Bus doesn't return it during auto refresh. Drawback is that actually deleted queues and topics would show up for some time.
4.5.28 (2022/02/02)
  • Azure Service Bus sessions didn't work correctly since previous release (4.5.27). We switched to amqp protocol, which doesn't support getting list of sessions, so now we reverted to sbmp protocol.
4.5.27 (2022/01/19)
  • JSON paths in multiple lines were not correctly saved and restored from settings.
4.5.26 (2022/01/12)
  • Multiple JSON paths can be provided in separate lines for JSON user-defined column. The first one that is matched will be displayed.
4.5.25 (2022/01/11)
  • JSON custom fields didn't support arrays as a root of JSON, only objects. Now JSON can start with either '{' or '['.
4.5.24 (2022/01/10)
  • Turned off "only first 2000 chars in message list" performance optimization from v4.5.19. This change affected text searched to also run on only the first 2000 chars.
4.5.23 (2021/12/16)
  • Azure Service Bus connection strings are now encrypted in local settings file.
  • Session ID for Azure Service Bus is now available when editing messages even if queue/subscription don't have session turned on.
4.5.22 (2021/11/16)
  • Reduced memory and performance issues when displaying larger number of queues in a queue list.
4.5.21 (2021/11/11)
  • RabbitMQ support didn't work since v4.5.20.
4.5.20 (2021/11/09)
  • JSON view now shows original timezone info in JSON dates instead of converting to local zone.
4.5.19 (2021/11/02)
  • Performance improvement for large messages: messages list will display only first 2000 chars of message body. This is only for list, message view/preview will still display full message. Text view will turn off word wrapping for messages bigger than 100KB.
4.5.18 (2021/10/26)
  • In rare cases 3rd party GUI controls we use would show an error when restoring docking layout. QueueExplorer will now reset layout to default in these cases.
4.5.17 (2021/10/21)
  • When editing message, if there are properties/headers with non-string values (int, float, etc), original type will will be preserved if possible.
4.5.16 (2021/10/19)
  • Editing Azure Service Bus session state didn't work.
4.5.15 (2021/10/18)
  • Azure Service Bus sessions are no longer sorted by name.
4.5.14 (2021/10/18)
  • Improved Azure Service Bus session support: list of sessions with filtering, optionally loading messages for only selected sessions, view/edit state of empty sessions, etc.
  • Load balance for MSMQ would sometimes finish before all queues were properly balanced.
4.5.13 (2021/10/06)
  • Changes for Azure Service Bus sessions: empty sessions are displayed as well, click on session select all its messages.
4.5.12 (2021/09/29)
  • Fixed: requeuing dead-letter messages from Azure Service Bus subscription could fail if QueueExplorer started refreshing queues and topics in the background, and didn't finish yet.
4.5.11 (2021/09/21)
  • Message views (text, XML, JSON...) are now created on demand as you switch to that tab, which significantly increases performance when displaying or editing messages.
  • Exporting multiple message bodies didn't correctly remove non-safe characters from file names.
4.5.10 (2021/09/20)
  • Azure Service Bus new or edited messages will use null instead of empty string for empty values in Label, CorrelationID, etc. fields. We're changing that to handle empty values the same way Azure portal and Service Bus Explorer do.
  • "To" field for new messages is no longer set to queue path by default.
  • "New message" in some cases would not send edited body, and would not remember selected viewer for next time.
  • Turned off BOM header for UTF8 encoding.
4.5.9 (2021/09/14)
  • Closing connection closes any opened tabs using that connection.
  • Closing connection from tree's context menu didn't change "Disconnect" button to "Connect" in right panel.
4.5.8 (2021/09/01)
  • When messages are copied/cut/dragged/exported from the sorted message list, original sequence order will be preserved. Previously, messages were copied in the displayed (sorted) order, regardless on how they were ordered in the original queue.
4.5.7 (2021/08/30)
  • Connection group rename wasn't persisted after closing QueueExplorer.
4.5.6 (2021/08/25)
  • Sorted Azure Service Bus objects (queues, topics, and subscriptions ), in case server didn't sort them already.
4.5.5 (2021/07/30)
  • Status report for remote MSMQ servers didn't work.
4.5.4 (2021/07/21)
  • Azure Service Bus purge now also consults message counts, to avoid situations when purge was stopped before completed.
4.5.3 (2021/07/21)
  • Azure Service Bus timeouts adjusted to reduce probability that Purge operation stops before all messages are removed from the queue.
  • Returned automatic retry for Azure Service Bus, to better handle throttling delays from server.
4.5.2 (2021/07/12)
  • "Export list" is now called "Export CSV", and exports selected messages instead of all from the list.
  • New "Import CSV" functionality, for importing messages from CSV files.
  • "Export CSV" now correctly exports multiline fields (e.g. body).
4.5.1 (2021/07/02)
  • Auto detection of message view based on content can be turned off from Preferences. It could be slow for large messages.
4.5.0 (2021/06/21)
  • Azure Service Bus connections can be used with Azure AD login (role based access) instead of shared access key.
  • Minimum system requirements is increased to .Net 4.6.2
4.4.25 (2021/06/19)
  • Configurable JMX (MBean) domain for ActiveMQ.
4.4.24 (2021/06/14)
  • RabbitMQ could sometimes show error for longer-running operations.
  • RabbitMQ VHost report could show error if auto-refresh is turned on.
4.4.23 (2021/06/07)
  • RabbitMQ duplicate message detection didn't correctly work with different message bodies.
4.4.22 (2021/06/04)
  • When creating RabbitMQ queue/policy/exchange, some arguments like x-overflow and x-queue-mode didn't offer the user a list of possible values.
4.4.21 (2021/06/02)
  • Added Jolokia path setting, needed for ActiveMQ 5.9. Since v5.9 was shipped with HawtIO, it uses different Jolokia path. For that version QueueExplorer should be set to use '/hawtio/jolokia'. For other ActiveMQ versions it should be the default one - '/api/jolokia'.
4.4.20 (2021/05/20)
  • Turned off automatic retry for Azure Service Bus message sending, to avoid cases where it would hide connection errors.
4.4.19 (2021/05/19)
  • Azure Service Bus topics now display cumulative message counts for all connected subscriptions.
4.4.18 (2021/05/18)
  • RabbitMQ duplicate messages are now displayed in dark red, so that user know which messages are potentially problematic for delete operation.
4.4.17 (2021/05/05)
  • User can now choose whether to immediately open connection (Save & Connect) or just save it after editing or creating.
4.4.16 (2021/05/03)
  • RabbitMQ connections now show broker's Erlang and RabbitMQ version.
4.4.15 (2021/03/01)
  • .Net custom field (PRO) - extract field or property from .Net object for MSMQ (BinaryMessageFormatter) or Azure Service Bus (DataContractSerializer).
  • Custom fields didn't remember body/extension/label source selection.
  • RabbitMQ usernames with non-alphanumeric chars didn't work with message operations.
4.4.14 (2021/02/15)
  • Custom columns can now be set to DateTime type.
  • Custom XPath column didn't work if data started with BOM header.
  • Improved performance when creating or editing Custom column.
4.4.13 (2021/02/03)
  • Regex custom field can now extract only subset of matched value, by using parentheses around the section you want extracted. For example, if regex for US phone numbers is "(d{3})-d{3}-d{4}" it will match full numbers, but extract only first three digits because of parentheses in "(d{3})". This regex will extract just area code, because first part is in parentheses “(d{3})”.
4.4.12 (2021/01/18)
  • Requeue for deadlettered messages within Azure Service Bus subscription didn't work.
  • Important: requeue for deadletter messages in subscription will return messages to its parent topic - therefore these messages will not go just to that subscription, but to other subscriptions within that topic as well, depending on how rules and filters are set up.
4.4.11 (2021/01/06)
  • When ActiveMQ delete messages operation fails because of Jolokia issues (e.g. overloaded Jolokia http server), we try to delete messages using alternative mode, i.e. using binary protocol. Alternative mode is much slower, but does not use Jolokia.
  • ActiveMQ delete message operations are now performed in batches, which could help by lowering server load, and it also allows canceling long operations.
4.4.10 (2021/01/01)
  • Fixed few more problems with creating and editing Azure Service Bus subscriptions and topics, also related to v4.4.7 release.
  • First release in 2021. I wish all our users much better year than 2020 was.
4.4.9 (2020/12/29)
  • Azure Service Bus topic subscription rules editor didn't work correctly: adding new rule didn't use name that user entered, and editing subscriptions generally didn't work since version v4.4.7
4.4.8 (2020/12/10)
  • Custom RabbitMQ header fields could display 'byte[]' instead of text value.
4.4.7 (2020/12/02)
  • Requeue for Azure Service Bus deadletter queues - return messages to parent queue or topic.
  • Azure Service Bus topic subscriptions also display counts of its subqueues (deadletter, scheduled, etc.).
  • When editing Azure Service Bus message you can also see and edit "To" field. "Destination" field is still used to determine where the message will go.
  • When subqueues (journal, deadletter, etc.) are displayed in a custom folder, we also display its parent queue name.
  • Wildcards/Regex for custom folder can now match just an object name (e.g. 'invoices', 'deadletter'...), or full path ('queues/invoices/', 'topics/invoices/subscriptions/completed/deadletter'). This gives user more flexibility with selecting objects.
  • RabbitMQ loading won't be aborted if policies couldn't be read. That could happen in older versions of RabbitMQ (e.g. 3.3.0) unless user has 'policymaker' or higher privileges. Newer versions of RabbitMQ allow reading of policies even for 'management' level.
4.4.6 (2020/11/11)
  • Status reports for connected server, with some stats and warnings if issues are detected.
  • If user used Ctrl+F to find something in messages, search string would be remembered, and would be applied afterwards even if Find panel was not visible. That would lead to situation where QueueExplorer doesn't show some or all messages, and user has no hint why.
  • Connection dialog is not closed while queues are loaded, making it easier to fix if there's some error during loading.
  • Azure Service Bus queues now also display number of messages in deadletter, scheduled, etc. subqueues, next to count of parent queue. Nothing is displayed if they are empty to reduce clutter.
4.4.5 (2020/10/14)
  • Read only mode, can be turned on from commend line or registry.
  • ActiveMQ support for Jolokia's strict cors mode.
4.4.4 (2020/10/01)
  • Some settings could not be saved if different user account run QueueExplorer previously on the same machine.
4.4.3 (2020/09/23)
  • Additional deadletter info in RabbitMQ queue's tooltips.
4.4.2 (2020/09/22)
  • RabbitMQ deadletter, Azure Service Bus deadletter, schedule and deffer operations didn't work since v4.3.25.
4.4.1 (2020/09/16)
  • Delete/Cut operations didn't work on RabbitMQ queues with compressed messages.
4.4.0 (2020/09/07)
  • Unified installer, i.e. single installer for both Standard and Professional editions.
  • User can choose which edition to try each time QueueExplorer demo is started.
4.3.25 (2020/08/26)
  • Added support for GZip and Deflated messages.
  • Optional separate credentials for Jolokia connection for ActiveMQ.
4.3.24 (2020/07/29)
  • Cumulative size for all MSMQ queues is now visible in the right panel when you click on MSMQ machine. For local MSMQ only.
  • MSMQ Queue, journal, and average message size were incorrectly displayed (size in MB, but with KB label, i.e. 1024 times smaller).
4.3.23 (2020/06/15)
  • Msg # column can now be manually added.
  • Optimized startup performance.
4.3.22 (2020/06/09)
  • Eliminated some error messages for RabbitMQ move and cut operations.
4.3.21 (2020/05/24)
  • Bug fix: when all queues were deleted from QueueExplorer, it would still show previous queues in the left panel.
4.3.20 (2020/04/20)
  • RabbitMQ bug fix: "Management SSL/TLS" connection setting didn't have correct default value, which prevented saving connections on program closing.
4.3.19 (2020/04/06)
  • RabbitMQ bug fix: could not create or delete virtual hosts with slash in their name.
4.3.18 (2020/04/01)
  • RabbitMQ bug fix: move and cut messages operations could fail for larger number of messages.
4.3.17 (2020/03/23)
  • RabbitMQ now has "Management SSL/TLS" checkbox which allows unsecured management connection when AMQP is secured, or the other way around. By default it will be the same as AMQP SSL/TLS setting.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when loading messages in some scenarios.
4.3.16 (2020/02/20)
  • Separate error message for Azure Service Bus when trying to connect with entity-level instead of namespace-level connection string.
4.3.15 (2020/01/08)
  • QueueExplorer would throw Null pointer exception after start in some setups.
4.3.14 (2019/12/31)
  • Alternative host can be configured for RabbitMQ management API, in case it's different from AMQP host.
4.3.13 (2019/12/20)
  • Azure Service Bus connection now automatically figures out whether it's Basic, Standard, or Premium tier.
4.3.12 (2019/12/16)
  • Clicking "Pretty formatting" option in message's XML viewer could delete user's editing and revert them to original message.
4.3.11 (2019/12/05)
  • Fixed problems with some error messages (e.g. body export).
4.3.10 (2019/12/02)
  • QueueExplorer no longer requires local MSMQ service installed when using only QueueProxy for MSMQ connections.
4.3.9 (2019/11/22)
  • TLS 1.2 support for ActiveMQ. TLS version can be selected from connection settings.
4.3.8 (2019/11/01)
  • RabbitMQ bindings are added to message list as well. Bindings show exchange type.
  • Support for RabbitMQ 3.8 Quorum queues.
  • Better error messages for RabbitMQ.
4.3.7 (2019/09/27)
  • Requeue option was enabled even if queue was empty.
4.3.6 (2019/09/26)
  • Requeue option for MSMQ deadlettered and journaled messages - moves messages back to their original queue.
  • Main menu didn't work in certain multi monitor configurations.
4.3.5 (2019/09/09)
  • "WCF" is now available in "Body Encoding" setting.
  • "Body Encoding" is taken into account when calculating custom columns (XPath/JSON/Regex).
4.3.4 (2019/08/18)
  • Custom XPath columns - if XML documents contain default namespace (i.e. xmlns="..." in root element), that namespace is now exposed as "_default" for XPath, and you have to use _default prefix.
4.3.3 (2019/08/12)
  • Editing message would display empty body when non-text previewer was selected.
  • When editing JSON messages, if original message didn't have BOM header neither edited one will.
4.3.2 (2019/08/08)
  • Flashing colors were incorrect in some cases.
  • Creating new messages using JSON view didn't work in some cases.
4.3.1 (2019/07/25)
  • Flashing on changed value now uses multiple colors - red for increasing values, blue for decreasing, orange for non-numeric changes.
4.3.0 (2019/07/23)
  • Each custom column for message now displays a previewer for extracted data (PRO)
4.2.40 (2019/07/04)
  • Fixed problem with encypted MSMQ messages (EncryptionAlgorithm enum type).
4.2.39 (2019/06/26)
  • Custom folders are now sorted by name.
4.2.38 (2019/05/15)
  • Some Azure Service Bus operations could stop because of Null Pointer exception.
4.2.37 (2019/05/07)
  • Disable or enable Azure Service Bus queue, topic, or subscription. You can also disable only Receive or Send, or change status for multiple items in the right panel (queue list).
4.2.36 (2019/04/11)
  • Improved detection of UTF-8 encoding in messages.
4.2.35 (2019/03/20)
  • Number of messages in status bar is updated after filter is changed.
4.2.34 (2019/03/15)
  • Significant performance fixes for systems with big number of queues or topics (more than few thousands).
4.2.33 (2019/02/26)
  • Experimental message decoding plugin support.
4.2.32 (2019/01/30)
  • Default values for some MSMQ fields are remembered when new message is created.
4.2.31 (2018/12/21)
  • RabbitMQ exclusive mode can be bypassed manually when needed, without turning it off permanently from preferences.
4.2.30 (2018/12/15)
  • Message loading is now stopped when we modify queue, e.g. delete, deadletter messages etc, since these operations will trigger refresh at the end anyway.
4.2.29 (2018/12/14)
  • Message loading errors are displayed in a panel, and not in modal window.
  • Exclusive mode for RabbitMQ. In that mode queue is "locked" while QueueExplorer reads or processes messages. This improves performance considerably, and also prevents situations where both QueueExplorer and some other application receive messages, and both only get subset of them. However, if this mode is used only one consumer will see messages while others will fail. This mode can be turned off from preferences.
4.2.28 (2018/12/04)
  • RabbitMQ connections will be kept open and reused, as recommended. This leads to better performance and reduced server usage. Downside is that there will be a connection for each virtual host. This functionality can be turned off from Preferences.
4.2.27 (2018/11/29)
  • RabbitMQ parameters were not correctly URL encoded when connection was opened, throwing exception in some cases.
4.2.26 (2018/11/23)
  • Creating new or importing one message in ActiveMQ didn't work because of incorrect default path.
4.2.25 (2018/11/06)
  • Warning is displayed for ActiveMQ when QueueExplorer doesn't get all requested messages from server. In most cases, that's because of maxBrowsePageSize setting in 'destination policy', which is 400 by default.
4.2.24 (2018/11/05)
  • RabbitMQ deadletter details are now parsed and exposed as new columns - you can see reason, count, time, exchanges, etc. for first or latest deadlettering.
  • Policies count is displayed in a tree.
  • All queue and exchange bindings are visible in tooltips.
  • Content type field added for RabbitMQ messages.
4.2.23 (2018/09/25)
  • RabbitMQ deadletter exchanges and queues now have separate icons, and their tooltips and descriptions include deadletter configuration.
  • Fixed some bugs in window position management.
4.2.22 (2018/09/18)
  • Views can be exported and imported from "Manage views" window (PRO).
  • Selected TLS version is now used for RabbitMQ Management API as well.
4.2.21 (2018/09/13)
  • Custom XPath column now allows namespaces defined in source XML to be used in XPath.
4.2.20 (2018/09/12)
  • Custom folders for RabbitMQ now allow you to select on which Virtual hosts wildcard matching will be applied.
4.2.19 (2018/09/11)
  • Auto mode for RabbitMQ message count fetching, as a balance between "Accurate" (applied for <100 msg queues), and "Fast" modes.
4.2.18 (2018/09/07)
  • RabbitMQ connection dialog didn't work for creating new connections.
4.2.17 (2018/09/07)
  • Fixed RabbitMQ connection leak.
  • TLS 1.2 is used by default for RabbitMQ secure connections. Can be overridden.
  • New connection or group (Pro) can be created regardless of which node is currently selected.
4.2.16 (2018/08/19)
  • "Upgrade to Professional" menu was displayed to Professional users instead of Standard.
4.2.15 (2018/07/26)
  • Progressive message loading from remote machine could freeze for some time "Server loading" dialog.
4.2.14 (2018/07/20)
  • Tab names didn't include machine name in all cases.
4.2.13 (2018/07/16)
  • Accurate message count loading for RabbitMQ can be turned off from Preferences dialog if it's too slow. In that case, we'll ask for faster counters, but RabbitMQ refreshes them every 5 seconds by default.
4.2.12 (2018/07/12)
  • Increased timeout for getting RabbitMQ resources (queues, exchanges, etc).
4.2.11 (2018/07/03)
  • Cosmetic changes for demo.
4.2.10 (2018/06/09)
  • Small GUI changes for Linux support.
4.2.9 (2018/05/09)
  • Text encoding settings are now applied to both message previews and body column in message list.
4.2.8 (2018/05/04)
  • Importing multiple message bodies now doesn't open dialog for each message.
  • Fixed bug with grouping when there are two queues with the same name.
4.2.7 (2018/04/20)
  • Support for RabbitMQ exclusive queues - previously they would prevent tree loading.
4.2.6 (2018/04/11)
  • Hex viewer now copies hex representation to clipboard.
  • Ctrl-A now works as "select all" in hex viewer.
4.2.5 (2018/04/09)
  • MSMQ "Sender machine" is displayed as GUID if it can't be converted to machine name.
  • MSMQ Sender ID is now available.
4.2.4 (2018/04/03)
  • Refresh combo box on queue list was not always fully visible.
4.2.3 (2018/03/22)
  • Final release of RabbitMQ support.
4.2.2 Beta (2018/03/01)
  • RabbitMQ message counts are now refreshed immediately.
  • Sending messages will raise error if that message doesn't route to any queue.
4.2.1 Beta (2018/02/27)
  • Much faster send/move/copy operations because connections are reused.
4.2.0 Beta (2018/02/22)
  • Beta support for RabbitMQ
4.1.6 (2018/02/03)
  • When creating/editing Azure Service Bus connectins, shared access key is now a password field.
4.1.5 (2017/12/18)
  • Bugfix: column picker didn't work.
4.1.4 (2017/12/18)
  • You can enter reason and description when deadlettering messages.
  • Partition Key field is available for Azure Service Bus messages.
  • Topic without subscriptions will now display empty list, making it easier to create first subscription.
4.1.3 (2017/12/11)
  • Message body size is now displayed in KB.
4.1.2 (2017/12/05)
  • Fixed problems with destination field when editing messages on remote MSMQ queues.
4.1.1 (2017/12/04)
  • .Net view for Azure Service Bus messages.
  • Better handling of binary Azure messages.
4.1.0 (2017/11/24)
  • Azure Service Bus support: queues, topics, subscriptions, sessions, scheduled and deferred messages, deadletter and transfer queues, etc.
  • Improved high DPI support.
4.0.26 (2017/11/15)
  • Custom XPath/Regex/JSON columns didn't work when "Body Size" or "Body Text" columns were not displayed.
4.0.25 (2017/11/01)
  • ActiveMQ Send operations sent messages to newly created queues named machine_name//queue://queue_name, instead of just queue_name
4.0.24 (2017/08/28)
  • Dot Net view now also displays properties, as well as private fields from base classes.
4.0.23 (2017/08/22)
  • No error was reported if there was a problem during drag&drop operation.
  • Sending MSMQ messages to another machine could fail if administration, response, or transaction status queue properties were used.
4.0.22 (2017/05/08)
  • Bugfix: Queue grouping functionality could fail, preventing opening a connection.
4.0.21 (2017/05/08)
  • Optimizations for 100+ or 1000+ queues per machine.
  • Improved GUI responsiveness during load and refresh operations.
  • Fixed multiple issues which could potentially hang QueueExplorer process.
  • TimeToReachQueue is no longer set in sent messages, and always has default value.
  • Multiple bug fixes in: queue list scrolling and on-change flashing, group collapsing, switching queues in slow MSMQ reading scenarios, etc.
4.0.20 (2017/05/04)
  • Reduced number of MSMQ calls during queue loading - faster loading and reduced MSMQ usage.
  • Bugfix: 4.0.19 broke custom columns in some cases.
4.0.19 (2017/05/03)
  • Improved performance when filtering queues with large number of messages.
  • Improved MSMQ messages loading speed.
4.0.18 (2017/04/25)
  • Queue list refresh didn't show queues created out of QueueExplorer.
  • Outgoing queues can be purged now.
  • Fixed lot of outgoing queue issues - editing messages, send to back, etc. didn't work.
  • Outgoing queuest through QueueProxy now have same features as local outgoing queues.
  • Requires QueueProxy 4.0.18
4.0.17 (2017/04/18)
  • Auto refresh can be turned off or configured for server tree panel as well.
  • Configuring auto refresh period didn't work correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed several issues that could lead to hanging.
4.0.16 (2017/04/06)
  • Custom folders can now exclude queues using wildcard matching.
4.0.15 (2017/04/03)
  • Custom Regex field didn't work.
4.0.14 (2017/03/31)
  • Better encoding detection for JSON view.
4.0.13 (2017/03/20)
  • "Grouping of similar queues" is now configurable, to support one or more custom separators.
4.0.12 (2017/03/18)
  • Source was not saved for custom Xpath/Regex/JSON columns.
4.0.11 (2017/02/28)
  • Editing connection in some cases displayed localhost instead of machine name.
4.0.10 (2017/02/21)
  • ActiveMQ message list didn't work with non-default authentication set in ActiveMQ
4.0.9 (2017/02/09)
  • WCF viewer now better maintains original structure of the message.
3.4.11 (2017/02/09)
  • This release of v3 can load .mq files saved from v4
4.0.8 (2017/01/19)
  • Outgoing queues on remote machine didn't work through QueueProxy.
4.0.7 (2017/01/18)
  • Projects from older versions of QueueExplorer couldn't be loaded.
4.0.6 (2017/01/16)
  • If message previewer can't load message, there's no more error dialog. We just display error message inside previewer.
4.0.5 (2017/01/03)
  • Server tree auto refresh would result in GUI pauses when there were several hundred queues.
4.0.4 (2016/12/21)
  • Small text fixes.
4.0.3 (2016/12/13)
  • User-defined columns improvements and fixes - column type (XPath, JSON, Regex) is displayed in a list. Default sample can be reverted any time. Column type is now displayed as String/Int/Double.
4.0.2 (2016/12/10)
  • Fixed occasional error during license loading.
4.0.1 Final (2016/12/04)
  • Final release of QueueExplorer 4.
  • Improved documentation.
  • License loading through GUI.
  • Tabs can be rearranged. (PRO)
4.0.0 Beta (2016/10/26)
  • Progressive loading of messages - QueueExplorer no longer waits for all messages to load before displaying but shows them as they arrive.
  • Custom folders - configurable source queue types for wildcard matching. (PRO)
  • Drag&drop queues to custom folders. (PRO)
  • Improved drag&drop for computers and groups. (PRO)
  • Better - multi selection for queue and message list - now you can start selection anywhere on the grid.
  • Better high DPI support.
3.9.6 Alpha (2016/09/09)
  • Custom folders, for organizing queues. (PRO)
  • Wildcard matching for custom folders. (PRO)
3.9.5 Alpha (2016/06/22)
  • Delete connection for Standard edition.
  • Calculated custom JSON and Regex columns. (PRO)
3.9.4 Alpha (2016/06/14)
  • Improved column chooser.
  • Calculated custom XPath column. (PRO)
  • ActiveMQ custom header property can be displayed as a column.
  • Cumulative counts for collapsed queues.
  • Context menu actions in server tree were not working correctly.
  • Redesigned MSMQ message edit to show more stuff on single page.
  • Alternative display name for connection.
3.9.3 Alpha (2016/05/31)
  • Message count is displayed for Grouped queues as well.
3.9.2 Alpha (2016/05/21)
  • Configurable periodic refresh.
  • Docking panels for UI.
  • Grouping similar queues - Queue.messages, Queue.error, etc. can be collapsed for better overview.
  • Cut messages are not removed from source queue until first Paste operation.
  • Topic subscribers panel.
3.9.1 Alpha (2016/02/19)
  • Removed dependency which prevented QueueExplorer to run on systems where MSMQ was not installed.
3.9.0 Alpha (2016/02/18)
  • First alpha version of ActiveMQ support
3.4.8 (2016/02/09)
  • Bugfix: in rare circumstances there could be Null pointer exception when opening messages.
3.4.7 (2016/01/28)
  • Bugfix: unhandled exception when Add/Remove column dialog was opened before messages are loaded.
3.4.6 (2016/01/05)
  • Tab close button is now available on each tab.
  • Bugfix: main window position and size were not saved and restored.
3.4.5 (2015/11/17)
  • JSON and text views now better handle Unicode messages with BOM header bytes.
3.4.4 (2015/05/26)
  • Additional classes are available for .Net view.
3.4.3 (2015/04/16)
  • Transactional status of multiple queues can be set at once from queues panel.
  • Message preview keeps user selected view mode when messages list is refreshed.
3.4.2 (2015/04/06)
  • Bug: groups were not working in Professional version.
3.4.1 (2015/04/06)
  • View related dialogs are resizable and views are sorted by name. (PRO)
3.4.0 (2015/04/03)
  • Management functionality for queue views. There are no more views specific to single queue - all views are available for all queues. There's description box with view details when loading and managing queues. (PRO)
  • Improved message reading speed when MSMQ is in AD mode.
  • Message view remembers size and position.
  • Word wrap for Text viewer.
  • Queue list remembers grid settings and filters.
3.3.2 (2015/02/05)
  • Fixed invalid Ctrl-A handling in some text boxes
  • Allowed API users to save .mq file by supplying regular MSMQ Message. Conversion to MessageProxy is performed internally
  • Pretty formatting for XML now renders empty tags in single line
3.3.1 (2014/06/16)
  • Bugfix: old .mq files from QueueExplorer 2.x couldn't be loaded since v3.2.3
  • Works as 64-bit app on 64-bit Windows
  • Performance improvement for big queues
3.3.0 (2014/02/13)
  • Queue Views - store filters, sorting, columns, etc, globally, or individually for each queue. (PRO)
3.2.3 (2014/01/23)
  • Reduced memory consumption when saving messages from big queues.
3.2.2 (2013/10/01)
  • WCF view can now display full WCF message with headers.
  • Queues with ID format for destination queue didn't work correctly for editing messages.
3.2.1 (2013/07/26)
  • Ctrl+C will copy selected text when focus is in message preview.
  • CTRL+F4 produced error message when used in Standard edition.
  • Some dialogs didn't look good when large fonts were turned on in Windows.
3.2.0 (2013/06/06)
  • Load/Save Project - a way to quickly transfer servers and groups tree to another machine with QueueExplorer. (PRO)
  • Edited message can be sent to different queue. Original destination is default. Useful for messages in journal and deadletter queues, as well as subqueues.
  • Queue picker dialog is added for places where user can change queue path/format.
  • JSON view
3.1.6 (2013/01/23)
  • Bugfix: List of public/outgoing/system queues didn't work in some cases
3.1.5 (2012/11/26)
  • Copying only selected node or subtree in .Net view
  • Installer supports .Net 4.0 when .Net 2.0 is not available, like by default on Windows 8
  • Bugfix: filter in queues list was removed after refresh
3.1.4 (2012/08/01)
  • Added optional column for displaying message's "extension" field in message list
  • .Net Binary messages can now be displayed in message's list body column
  • Bugfix: Specifying IP address for computer name didn't work
  • Bugfix: displaying list of outgoing queues on remote machine didn't work
3.1.3 (2012/03/19)
  • Fixed issues when MSMQ was set to work in MSMQ Hardened mode
3.1.2 (2012/01/18)
  • Bugfix: Queue size bigger than 2GB was displayed as negative number.
  • Bug/performance fix: reduced memory ussage when displaying large queues with large messages.
3.1.1 (2011/09/29)
  • Bugfix: Body viewer could crash QE in some rare cases.
3.1.0 (2011/08/31)
  • Body can be displayed in message list
  • Filtering and sorting by message body - when body column is added to list
  • Correlation ID is now editable
  • Dialog for queue properties is not modal any more
  • If .Net 4.0 is installed, it will be used by default, making it easier to use .Net 4.0 assemblies for body view
  • Bugfix: Outgoing queues didn't work in some scenarios
  • Bugfix: Transactional status for remote queues was not saved correctly in some cases
  • Bugfix: Column widths were not saved
  • Bugfix: If there were 2 or more "Saves" without refreshing queue, all saves after first one could have duplicate messages
  • Performance improvement - message bodies are cached
3.0.7 (2011/02/23)
  • Bugfix: Deleting/moving messages from remote queues sometimes fails on 64-bit OS.
3.0.6 (2011/02/19)
  • Bugfix: Messages could be lost during "move" operation, if user clicked on "Cancel" on "Is queue transactional?" dialog.
3.0.5 (2010/11/23)
  • Bugfix: public queues were not displayed in servers tree after QueueExplorer restart (PRO)
3.0.4 (2010/11/03)
  • Load balancing messages - moving them between selected queues until all queues have same or similar number of messages (PRO)
3.0.3 (2010/10/21)
  • Bugfix: Hex view didn't show every 16th byte
3.0.2 (2010/10/14)
  • Bugfix: Endless error dialogs after saving messages to file
  • Improved performance of .Net view when message contains big arrays.
3.0.1 (2010/10/04)
  • Bugfix: message preview was sometimes disabled incorrectly
  • Bugfix: Queues list right-panel view didn't properly select queues after deleting or adding queues
3.0.0 (2010/10/01)
  • Bugfix: message operations didn't refresh queue counts
  • Bugfix: sorting didn't preserve focused row
  • Updated documentation
3.0.0 RC (2010/09/24)
  • QueueExplorer Professional RC released
  • Connect to multiple MSMQ servers (PRO)
  • Organize servers in groups (PRO)
  • Tabbed interface (PRO)
3.0.0 BETA2 (2010/08/01)
  • Message previes can be turned on/off
  • Custom message filter available from toolbar/menu
  • Bugfix: XML view didn't work with some XML messages
  • Bugfix: .Net view didn't work in message preview
  • Bugfix: sort on date field was incorrect
  • Better handling of Date and Boolean columns
  • "Save changes to queue" is enabled only when something is edited.
3.0.0 BETA (2010/06/04)
  • Support for subqueues (MSMQ 4.0)
  • Message filtering
  • Body view available directly in main window
  • WCF body view
  • In place Text and color coded XML body editors
  • Save multiple bodies -each body is saved to separate file.
  • Performance improvents for copy, delete and large queues
  • New file format for saving messages, with reduced memory usage and file size
  • Limiting maximum number of visible messages straight from toolbar
  • Resizable message view
  • Additional message properties for "Create new message"
  • .Net 1.1 is no longer supported - minimum is .Net 2.0
2.2.4 (2008/04/07)
  • Faster loading of big files and reduced memory usage
  • Faster display of large XML message bodies
  • Command line option for turning off loading of public queues for performance reasons - /NoPublic
  • Bugfix: message body larger than 64KB was not correctly displayed/edited
  • Bugfix: messages containing byte 0 were not completely displayed in text view.
  • Bugfix: queue list didn't show all queue properties correctly.
  • Bugfix: on some Vista machines QueueExplorer worked with reduced functionality
2.2.3 (2007/07/03)
  • Queues are now closed immediately after each operation to prevent locking issues with other applications
  • Reduced MSMQ security requirements. QueueExplorer required full MSMQ permissions no matter which operation was performed. Now it will ask only for what's needed, e.g. Peek to get list of messages, Receive to delete message, etc. Works only on .Net 2.0 or higher
  • Bugfix: More complex class hierarchies in .Net view crashed entire QueueExplorer.
2.2.2 (2007/05/02)
  • Improved keyboard support.
2.2.1 (2007/03/01)
  • BUGFIX: Queues panel could not be repeatedly refreshed using F5 because focus got lost after first refresh.
2.2.0 (2007/01/29)
  • XML view with color coding.
  • Exporting lists of queues and messages to CSV file.
  • Start QueueExplorer with opening queues on remote machine.
  • Support for BodyType property.
  • Adjustable limit for number of displayed messages.
  • Switching to specific .Net version.
  • Public API for accessing MQ files.
2.1.1 (2006/04/21)
  • BUGFIX: Failure when reading queues on Windows 2000.
2.1 (2006/04/20)
  • Progress is displayed during long-running operations.
  • Mass paste is improved and renamed to Bulk sender. Adjustable delay between messages can be added for simulating different loads.
  • Multiple queues can be deleted or purged with single operation.
2.0.2 (2006/03/27)
  • BUGFIX: Editing fails on remote transactional queue.
  • BUGFIX: When outgoing queues are unavailable, other queues don't show up as well
2.0.1 (2006/03/24)
  • BUGFIX: .Net XML view not working
2.0 (2006/03/15)
  • Support for outgoing queues - All standard operations are available. This is a solution for all cases when messages get stuck in outgoing queue, for example when destination machine is down or replaced.
  • Editing messages - Most important message fields can be edited, including message body.
  • Summary properties for multiple queues - Selecting private queues node displays list of all private queues with selected properties. It also works for public, outgoing, and system queues
  • Improved documentation
1.4.1 (2005/11/14)
  • Fixed loosing of messages during copying when TimeToReachQueue or TimeToBeReceived are 0.
1.4 (2005/11/01)
  • Toolbar and additional menus for mostly used functions are added. Among other things it's more convenient to change computer or to refresh queues or messages
  • Viewing message details for several messages is easier now - you can go to next or previous message directly from message viewer. Another handy feature is that message viewer remembers tab that was last used and reopens on the same tab.
  • Drag and drop of files from Windows explorer now opens "Create new message" with that file as message body
  • Queue icons now show whether queue is transactional or not.
  • Fixed performance issue when changing queues on Windows 2000
  • Supports .Net Framework 2.0
1.3 (2005/09/10)
  • Message sorting by any field
  • Message counts for all public and private queues visible at all times
  • Improved memory management and faster operations with large queues
  • Window size and columns persisted between sessions
  • Size of selection displayed in status bar
1.2 (2005/07/12)
  • Massive performance improvements for multi-message operations. Copy, save, delete, etc. for several thousand messages is possible now.
1.1 (2005/06/20)
  • Message viewer can display XML or binary serialized .Net objects
  • Improved "New Message" - body can be arbitrary text or loaded from file
  • Saving message body to file
  • Improved support for remote queues - messages can be created, copied, loaded, etc.
1.0 (2005/03/31)
  • First commercial release.
0.9 (2005/03/20)
  • Redesign
0.85 (2005/02/19)
  • More operations are now available when remote queues are accessed
0.8 (2005/02/9)
  • Mass paste - a shortcut to test how your infrastructure copes with tens of thousands of messages. Select some messages and let QueueExplorer send them as many times as you want.
  • Journal messages for each queue is now available too, not only system journal
  • Recent machines history
  • Select columns to be displayed in messages list
  • Purge - delete all messages from queue, works much faster than Select All / Delete
  • Status bar
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
0.7 (2005/01/24)
  • create and delete queues
  • queue properties
  • delete confirmations
  • remote queues are now read-only, because of MSMQ limitations
  • improved transactional operations
0.6 (2005/01/8)
  • basic functionality improved
0.5 (2004/12/25)
  • first public version, gathering initial feedback

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