QueueExplorer Enterprise wide license

Enterprise wide license allows you to install QueueExplorer to unlimited number of machines within an organization world wide. There are no geographical limitations, i.e. this is not a site license valid for one building or physical site.

Edition Price (US$)
QueueExplorer Standard $7000
QueueExplorer Professional $12.000

If you already purchased some QueueExplorer licenses, we can take that into account and reduce price for Enterprise license accordingly.

Upgrade policy for enterprise licenses

Upgrade policy is same as for standard licenses:

  • Free major upgrades (e.g. from 4.x to 5.x) within first 12 months from purchase
  • Free minor upgrades (e.g. from 5.0 to any 5.x) are not time limited
  • Upgrade from Standard to Professional is available, with price equal to difference in license prices.

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