QueueExplorer FAQ

How to apply license file


QueueExplorer 5 can load license directly from program itself, and don't have to be manually copied like before.

  • Load it from "Help/Load license..." menu.
  • Load it from one of QueueExplorer's dialogs which offer "Load license" button.

Automated license deployment

Copy the license file to a specific folder:


which is in most cases:


While license file name can be anything when loaded from within QueueExplorer, when it's put directly to this folder it has to be QueueExplorer.license

QueueExplorer 3.x and below

In order to activate your copy you should save license file (QueueExplorer.license) to folder where QueueExplorer is installed. By default it's installed here:

64-bit Windows:
c:\Program Files (x86)\QueueExplorer\
c:\Program Files (x86)\QueueExplorer Professional\

32-bit Windows:
c:\Program Files\QueueExplorer\
c:\Program Files\QueueExplorer Professional\

If everything is ok, once you start QueueExplorer and click Help/About you should see your registration name there.

Moving license

To move license to different machine:

  • Locate QueueExplorer.license file - either from original delivery email, or from QueueExplorer's folder (v3.x and older), or from %ProgramData%\Cogin\QueueExplorerUniversal\
  • Uninstall QueueExplorer on older machine.
  • Install QueueExplorer on new machine and apply license file there.

Installer command line parameters

QueueExplorer uses Innosetup for installation. Available command line options (full list):

/SILENT Runs the installer in silent mode (The progress window is displayed)
/VERYSILENTVery silent mode. No windows are displayed.
/SUPPRESSMSGBOXESSuppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with ‘/SILENT’ and ‘/VERYSILENT’.
/NOCANCELDisables cancelling the installation process.
/NORESTARTPrevents installer from restarting the system even if it’s necessary.
/DIR=”x:\dirname”Overrides the default install directory.


Silently install the program, prevent restarting the system.


Access issues with remote MSMQ

If you get an error message when accessing remote queue, please read:

Remote MSMQ access issues when working with QueueExplorer

What are QueueExplorer limitations

QueueExplorer uses standard MSMQ API calls to perform its functionality. Most limitations come from that fact. Read more.