How to browse RabbitMQ messages

Here's how to browse RabbitMQ messages using QueueExplorer:

Step 1 - Create RabbitMQ connection

  • Create a new connection in QueueExplorer with your RabbitMQ credentials.
  • Open connection to see list of queues and topics.

Step 2 - Click on a queue

  • QueueExplorer starts loading messages.
  • Messages are displayed progressively as they are loaded.
  • You can limit number of messages that will be loaded, or load all of them.
  • When you click on a message its content is displayed in a bottom panel.
  • Message viewers: JSON, XML, Text (UTF8, UTF16, etc), Hex, WCF...

QueueExplorer can also:

  • Display all message properties in message list, including custom headers.
  • Display extracted data from messages using XPath, JSON, or Regex (Professional edition).

QueueExplorer: Explorer-like management for RabbitMQ


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