How to backup RabbitMQ messages

How to backup messages from RabbitMQ queue using QueueExplorer:

Step 1 - Open queue in QueueExplorer

  • Make sure that "Limit:" in toolbar is set to "Show all", in order to load all the messages from the queue.
  • Hit Ctrl+A or choose "Select all" option from menu.

Step 2a - Save messages to .mq file

  • Hit Ctrl+S or choose "Save" from menu or "Save" icon from toolbar.
  • QueueExplorer will save all messages to the single .mq file.
  • .mq file format is compressed, can contain multiple messages, and stores all message properties.
  • .mq file can later be loaded from QueueExplorer.

Step 2b - Alternatively, save message bodies only

  • Choose "Export bodies" from the menu to save message bodies only, without other properties.
  • Each message will be saved to separate file in this case.
  • Message body will be saved as it was in the message queue, and thus can be manipulated with outside editors or other tools.
  • These files can be also loaded back to QueueExplorer, but without any extra properties, headers, labels, etc.

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