QueueMonitor Versions

1.6.33 (2022/11/22)
  • Small fixes in license loading code.
1.6.32 (2022/09/12)
  • Built with newer version of Innosetup.
1.6.31 (2022/03/22)
  • Installer signed with new digital signature.
1.6.30 (2022/01/17)
  • Machine name would be in some cases replaced with localhost when editing a task in admin client.
1.6.29 (2021/11/03)
  • Turned off MSMQ connection cache, there was non-confirmed suspicion it could create transaction timeouts.
1.6.28 (2021/10/29)
  • There was double "Delete processed messages" text in task description.
1.6.27 (2021/08/18)
  • Admin client could not connect to agent, if agent service was running under domain account ("A call to SSPI failed").
1.6.26 (2020/10/08)
  • Web request action duplication problem would still persist these duplicates in QueueMonitor's database, using space and reducing performance. It is now cleaned up.
1.6.25 (2020/10/08)
  • Web request action would duplicate configured headers each time a task is edited.
1.6.24 (2020/06/19)
  • Some headers (e.g. Content-Type) couldn't be set for web request action.
1.6.23 (2020/05/28)
  • New Security tab for web request actions. Setting for TLS version (TLS 1.2 is default), and for ignoring server certificate errors.
1.6.22 (2019/04/23)
  • Fixed task processing stats parsing bug.
1.6.21 (2019/04/23)
  • Weekly schedule could be configured without any day selected, which was not valid but not reported.
1.6.20 (2019/04/11)
  • Body in "Web request" action now includes custom value macros as well.
1.6.19 (2019/04/02)
  • Different defaults for Syslog action.
1.6.18 (2019/03/29)
  • Syslog support - for sending alerts.
1.6.17 (2019/03/12)
  • Configurable timeout for SQL connections.
1.6.16 (2019/03/08)
  • Web action: more http request methods, configurable headers and request body.
1.6.15 (2019/03/06)
  • Custom JSON value action - allowing you to extract data from JSON documents and use it for If/Else conditional processing and in other places.
1.6.14 (2018/10/02)
  • Installer won't automatically start service if it was installed but not not running. That's needed for correct cluster upgrade.
1.6.13 (2018/08/28)
  • Command line utilities for exporting and importing tasks and settings, and loading .mq files.
1.6.12 (2018/08/01)
  • Fixed few UI issues with "Transactional" checkbox in "Send message" action.
1.6.11 (2018/07/26)
  • Hour, minute and second can be used in macros as {hour}, {min}, {sec}.
1.6.10 (2018/06/21)
  • Subqueues can be selected as a target for wildcard matching of queues.
1.6.9 (2017/11/30)
  • Optional Authorization can be configured on Agent, to limit which users/groups can connect to it.
1.6.8 (2017/06/19)
  • Service instance name is now used for settings folder, allowing each instance to have independent settings.
  • ServicePort parameter in QueueMonitor.config
1.6.7 (2017/06/16)
  • Support for multiple service instances when running under cluster.
1.6.6 (2017/06/01)
  • When there are too many files in a folder to be cleaned for "Process files" task, cleaner would start scanning folder before previous run completed, which could lead to "Out of memory" issues.
1.6.5 (2017/05/25)
  • Configurable alert/report handling for each task - whether report is sent always or never, after each failure, or only on significant events - once per failure and once per recovery.
  • Reduced memory usage during Processed file cleanup.
1.6.4 (2017/05/12)
  • Installer didn't work on 32-bit Windows.
1.6.3 (2017/02/21)
  • If else query action supports macros in compared values (right side of expression), not only for variables (left side of expression)
1.6.2 (2017/02/20)
  • Installed MSMQ is no longer a requirement for agent service to run.
1.6.1 (2017/01/09)
  • Added advanced heartbeat check - QueueMonitor works together with your application, thus checking whether both you application and MSMQ system are alive. In this mode heartbeat messages are sent to one queue, but received on another.
  • Configurable heartbeat label and body.
  • Execution history now offers both full history and highlights, where highlights are historic events where where task went from OK to ERROR status or vice versa, or if it was manually run.
1.6.0 (2016/12/20)
  • Heartbeat check - new task which sends and receives message to heartbeat queue to make sure that entire roundtrip works.
1.5.10 (2016/11/04)
  • Process files task "File settings" tab didn't disable clean up controls when "Delete file" setting was selected.
1.5.9 (2016/11/02)
  • QueueMonitor's storage folder can be now configured through HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cogin\QueueMonitor, "Folder" registry value. This is needed for running agent as clustered service.
1.5.8 (2016/10/25)
  • When shared task is changed, all shared tasks are sent to all agents, to prevent desynchronized agents.
1.5.7 (2016/10/24)
  • Agent list is now sorted by name.
1.5.6 (2016/10/14)
  • Fixed bug in Queue size check task when date fields are used for filtering.
1.5.5 (2016/08/25)
  • Fixed memory leaks in Admin console.
  • Admin console on a machine without Agent can't create new tasks.
1.5.4 (2016/03/31)
  • Bugfix: creating new task could fail after first step.
1.5.3 (2016/03/30)
  • Wildcard support for choosing source queues.
1.5.2 (2016/03/23)
  • SFTP support for FTP action.
1.5.1 (2016/03/16)
  • Installer didn't recognize .Net 4.5.0 and asked to download latest .Net
1.5.0 (2016/03/14)
  • Monitoring multiple Agents from single Admin panel.
  • Settings are applied to all Agents within a group.
  • Shared tasks, which are run on all Agents.
  • Service is not resetting "log on" settings on each installation any more.
1.4.3 (2016/02/10)
  • Outgoing queues didn't work in some scenarios.
1.4.2 (2015/11/24)
  • Improved Queue Size check - there's now a possibility to count only messages which are selected by a filter. For example, raise alarm only if there are more than 5 messages containing "Order" in label.
1.4.1 (2015/10/29)
  • Multi document XML action - when input contains multiple documents inside one message, this action can be used to extract individual documents using XPath and process each of them individually.
1.4.0 (2015/10/15)
  • New task - Scheduled processing of messages (PRO). This task can work on multiple queues and allows filtering of messages which will be processed.
1.3.5 (2015/10/06)
  • Bugfix: Processing SQL task could fail when used with distributed transactions.
  • Bugfix: line breaks were not preserved correctly in some case, for instance within SQL commands.
1.3.4 (2015/08/20)
  • Option to turn off DTC usage for transactional queues. When that is turned off, SQL Server actions won't be in same transaction with MSMQ.
1.3.3 (2015/08/20)
  • Bugfix: HTTP parameters were not remembered
1.3.2 (2015/08/09)
  • Bugfix: editing task didn't validate all tabs until you switched to them manually.
1.3.1 (2015/08/03)
  • Bugfix: incorrect validation prevented changes or creation of some tasks.
1.3.0 (2015/07/15)
  • Web request action for integration with HTTP servers.
1.2.2 (2015/07/07)
  • Added support to specify destination machine by IP address for "Send to queue" action.
1.2.1 (2015/07/07)
  • Added support for queues with colon in their name.
1.2.0 (2015/06/22)
  • Monitoring and processing remote queues.
  • Invoke Exe action - available for message and reporting actions.
1.1.0 (2015/05/05)
  • Process SQL task. QueueMonitor periodically executes specified SQL Query, and map results to in-memory messages. For each of these messages, a set of actions will be performed.
  • Queue size task now offers ability to exclude subqueues when counting messages from main queue. However it is less efficient since we can't use fast MSMQ function which returns number of messages in a queue and all its subqueues.
1.0.6 (2015/04/15)
  • Changes to SQL connections were not saved if performed from global Settings dialog.
1.0.5 (2015/04/14)
  • New macro for full message body - {msg_body}.
  • Since body is binary, {msg_body} macro has to use encoding to convert it to text. Encoding will either be automatically determined, or specified using "Change body encoding" action.
1.0.4 (2015/03/19)
  • Fixed handling of authenticated queues.
  • Added adjusting of "Time to be received" and "Time to reach queue" message properties.
1.0.3 (2015/03/16)
  • New macro field: {msg_destination} - message's original destination queue path. It's useful for automatic recovering of dead letter messages.
1.0.2 (2015/03/02)
  • When single task is executed manually, QueueMonitor displays full execution log.
  • Additional debug data for task execution.
1.0.1 (2015/02/20)
  • Actions for saving to file and FTP didn't include message based macros and custom values for folder.
1.0.0 (2015/02/18)
  • Documentation.
  • Import/Export of tasks.
  • Message filter now applies Top filter only after other filters are applied. Previously, we would limit to Top 10 messages even if none of them passes other active filters.
  • MSMQ check settings moved to global settings dialog.
0.9.1 (2015/01/29)
  • Copy/paste of actions.
  • Added splitter to actions configuration to allow better resizing.
  • Added {machine_name} macro. It's now included in global default alerts.
  • BUGFIX: settings dialog didn't work when service was run for the first time.
  • BUGFIX: MSMQ service check didn't correctly detect when service was down.
0.9.0 (2014/12/09)
  • Beta release
  • Introducing Standard and Professional editions: Standard edition contains basic health monitoring, backups, poison and queue size checks. Professional contains all available tasks and actions.
  • Date and Time local settings
0.8.15 (2014/12/01)
  • Service could fail during startup if some of "processing" folders were missing.
0.8.14 (2014/11/27)
  • Better transactional support - if queue is transactional and something breaks during processing, all involved transactional queues and database changes will be rolled back.
  • Default alerts - it's now possible to manage failure/recovery actions from global configuration, and not on each task separately.
  • "Write to Event Log" action.
  • Fixed problem when editing tasks which targets queues that are no longer in MSMQ.
  • Date macros for Success/Failure folders for "Process Files" task.
  • Folder clean up for "Process Files" task is not performed on each processing for performance reasons, but within 1 minute periods.
  • Validations for all actions and tasks.
  • Disabled tasks are now grayed out.
  • Additional properties for Send Message action: Recoverable, Use system Journal, Use DeadLetter queue.
  • Bug fix: poison message multi queue operation was not handled correctly.
  • Bug fix: poison message without deleting poison messages was not handled correctly.
0.8.13 (2014/11/12)
  • Bugfix: systems with large number of queues caused problems between QueueMonitor client and server.
  • Actions are grouped for easier usage.
0.8.12 (2014/11/07)
  • Result from SQL can be used as custom value for following actions (If Query, etc).
  • Macro buttons added everywhere where macros can be used.
  • Invoke Exe task - for periodically starting command line processes.
  • Custom values now have a type - string, int, or double, which affects how they are used in queries.
  • Default task wizard allows you to create few typical tasks on first start or anytime from menu option.
  • New macros for separate year, day, and month.
0.8.11 (2014/10/22)
  • Context menu for tasks.
  • Pause option is replaced with separate Enable/Disable task.
  • BUGFIX - admin application would stop displaying tasks in some cases.
  • SQL connections which are used in some tasks can not be deleted.
  • SQL connections added to global Settings dialog.
0.8.10 (2014/10/17)
  • BUGFIX: one CPU core was 100% consumed.
0.8.9 (2014/10/16)
  • SQL Action, for executing SQL Server commands. Parameters can be taken from message properties.
  • Copy and Paste of tasks.
  • Better logging, configurable from GUI and limited to 10MB.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
0.8.8 (2014/9/26)
  • FTP send action.
  • process message tasks change "last run time" only when there's a message to be processed.
  • Memory leak fixed.
  • Admin application works even if service is not running, and automatically reconnects.
  • Changes and run histories are displayed in real time in Admin application.
0.8.7 (2014/9/16)
  • Process File task improvements: better handling for locked files, clean up of older processed files.
  • Persistence switched to SQLite. Old tasks and settings will be automatically transferred.
  • Multi selection in GUI.
  • Start/stop of QueueMonitor service from menu.
  • Change properties action - to change label, priority, app specific or body type of message.
  • Change body encoding action - convert body encoding.
0.8.6 (2014/9/5)
  • Process files task. Watch folder, and create messages based on new files. These messages can be later transformed, sent to queue, etc. using usual message actions.
  • Improved Execution log - colored error logs, more details for successful executions, only important logs are recorded.
  • Reset task - for tasks that send error report only once, until task is recovered. This resets task to "success" state, useful when testing failure actions.
0.8.5 (2014/8/6)
  • Custom values from XML messages. These values can be later used in queries, or as macro values for file and folder names.
  • Poison Message tasks resets timer for top message when service is restarted. This reduced probability of false positives.
0.8.4 (2014/7/26)
  • BUGFIX: if there was more than one action of same type, every change was applied to all of them instead of only to currently edited action.
0.8.3 (2014/7/25)
  • Fixed message age filters.
  • If (XPath) Then/Else action.
  • XPath Replace action.
  • XSLT action.
  • Windows service check.
  • MSMQ service check is separated from other tasks, runs always and pauses tasks when MSMQ is down.
  • GUI persistence, View menu to show and hide panels.
0.8.2 (2014/6/30)
  • Public queue fixes.
  • Service is no longer dependent on Message Queueing service. Instead, it checks whether it's started and if not waits up to 60s before tasks are started.
0.8.1 (2014/6/26)
  • Execution history storage.
  • Docking in GUI, toolbar, menu.
  • Always running processing task.
  • If (Query) Then/Else action.
  • Search/Replace text action.
  • Move to subqueue action.
  • SMTP authentication.
  • Fixed scheduling when pausing tasks.
  • Lots of small fixes.
0.8.0 (2014/5/30)
  • initial release.