QueueMonitor Tasks

Tasks are separate units of work which QueueMonitor perform. Tasks are either scheduled, or get executed automatically when something happens - e.g. when new message arrives at a queue or file shows up in a folder.

Tasks available in both Standard and Professional editions

Perform a periodic backup. Source can be one or more queues, so it's easy to backup all journals with single task. Backup could be saved to files or sent to another queue. Messages can be filtered before backup, so you can choose to backup only top messages, those older than few days or use more complex query.
Poison messages
This task detects poison messages and allow you to choose what should be done in such case - just raise an admin alert, or move message somewhere else to give chance to other messages to be processed.
Queue size check
Easily check when queue grows large to its quota, over some size in kilobytes or in message count. When that limit is reached, you can filter which messages will be processed, and which actions will be performed on these messages.
Windows service check
QueueMonitor permanently monitors MSMQ service. This task allows you to add other services to check, e.g. to raise alert when some of your custom services is not working.
Heartbeat check
This task periodically sends messages and then receives them. This assures that MSMQ works completely, for both sending and receiving.

Tasks available in QueueMonitor Professional only

Process messages (PRO)
Process all messages from a queue, as they arrive. Each message can pass through list of actions where you can modify message, perform If/Else checks and finally send message to another queue, save it database, FTP, or file...
Process files (PRO)
Similar to processing messages, but in this case messages are coming from files and not from a queue. QueueMonitor watches specified folder and performs defined actions any time new file shows up. File is transferred to in-memory kind of message, label is set from file name and body from file content. After processing, file can be moved to different folder for archiving purposes. This task includes periodic clean up of archive folders, to prevent unlimited growth.
Process SQL (PRO)
QueueMonitor periodically executes specified SQL Query, and map results to in-memory messages. For each of these messages, a set of actions will be performed.
Invoke exe (PRO)
Invoke any executable file. Useful to integrate some external periodic check or process.

Suggest your own tasks

This is work in progress, and we always prefer to put stuff people actually need on top of our To-do list. If you need a task that's not already available we'd be glad to hear about it.

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