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QueueMonitor 0.9 Beta
- Monitoring and automation for MSMQ

QueueExplorer 3.3 - better management for MSMQ

QueueExplorer is explorer-like administration utility for Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).

MSMQ management console cannot perform many tasks needed in real life - moving messages between queues, management of remote queues, backup/restore, creating test messages...

This is all possible now.

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QueueMonitor 0.9 beta - monitoring and automation for MSMQ

QueueMonitor runs permanently as a service and detects and handles most usual MSMQ problems. It also sends alerts to admins in case manual intervention is needed. Some of these problems can stop processing of messages in your application, or even cause loss of important data!


  • Poison messages - when bad message is stuck on top of queue and prevents all other messages from processing.
  • Check queue and journal quotas - QueueMonitor will raise alert when queues are filling up, since when quota is reached MSMQ will reject all following messages.
  • MSMQ health monitoring - if MSMQ stops working for any reason, you'll know about it.
  • Check Outgoing queues - when there are connectivity issues with another MSMQ machine, messages will be stuck in outgoing queues. QueueMonitor will send you alert when that happens.
  • Monitor dead letter queues - system dead letter queues contain messages which could not be delivered. Unless you actively monitor these queues you'll have no idea that messages are not reaching their destination.
  • Periodic backup - especially useful to save messages from queue journals for permanent history records outside MSMQ.


  • Automatically process messages from a queue, or watch folder for new files.
  • Modify these messages, and send them to another queue, FTP or SQL server, or save to file system.
  • Perform conditional If/Else operations, depending on content of message.
  • Perform XPath and XSLT processing.

See what else QueueMonitor can do


Introduction to MSMQ

New to MSMQ? Help distributed applications survive crashes and outages with MSMQ - one typical MSMQ scenario described.

Surviving poison messages in MSMQ

What happens when message in MSMQ can not be processed? If it fails repeatedly following messages will never be processed - queue will be blocked with so-called poison message. How to fight this situation?


2014-02-19 QueueExplorer 3.3 - Queue views (PRO)
2013-06-14 QueueExplorer 3.2 - load/save project, queue picker, JSON view
2011-09-16 QueueExplorer 3.1 - body can be displayed in messages list
2010-10-02 QueueExplorer 3.0 Standard and Professional released
2009-03-23 DbOctopus 1.0 released

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