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QueueMonitor 0.8.5
- Monitoring and automation for MSMQ

QueueExplorer 3.3 - better management for MSMQ

QueueExplorer is explorer-like administration utility for Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).

MSMQ management console cannot perform many tasks needed in real life - moving messages between queues, management of remote queues, backup/restore, creating test messages...

This is all possible now.

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DbOctopus 1.1 - better management for SQL Server

Have you ever struggled with finding and editing data in big SQL Server tables?

DbOctopus Explorer's instant filtering, sorting and paging allow you to quickly locate rows in big table. Related rows from foreign key tables are just a click away - no more joins!

New in 1.1: SQL Editor with intelligent code completion!

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Introduction to MSMQ

New to MSMQ? Help distributed applications survive crashes and outages with MSMQ - one typical MSMQ scenario described.

Surviving poison messages in MSMQ

What happens when message in MSMQ can not be processed? If it fails repeatedly following messages will never be processed - queue will be blocked with so-called poison message. How to fight this situation?


2014-02-19 QueueExplorer 3.3 - Queue views (PRO)
2013-06-14 QueueExplorer 3.2 - load/save project, queue picker, JSON view
2011-09-16 QueueExplorer 3.1 - body can be displayed in messages list
2010-10-02 QueueExplorer 3.0 Standard and Professional released
2009-03-23 DbOctopus 1.0 released

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