What's new in QueueExplorer 2.2?

XML View
Color coded XML view for message body:
Exporting lists of queues and messages to CSV file
Select messages or queues and pick "Export list..." from menu. All columns currently displayed will be saved.
Start QueueExplorer with opening queues on remote machine
If you want to avoid loading local queues on QueueExplorer's start you can make it immediately open remote machine. Invoke QueueExplorer with this switch:
Support for BodyType property
BodyType is displayed in message's body view. Messages created from QueueExplorer will have type of VT_LPSTR (if you use ASCII encoding) or VT_LPWSTR (if you pick UTF16). In other cases it will be VT_EMPTY.
Adjustable limit for number of displayed messages

If QueueExplorer gets slow when reading large queues, this option allows you to limit number of messages that will be fetched. It is available on View/Preferences.
Switching to specific .Net version
If QueueExplorer can't load your assemblies for .Net view, it's probably issue with version of .Net currently loaded. You can change here which version QueueExplorer uses. Restart is required to activate this change. .Net 2.0 will be used by default.
Public API for accessing MQ files
Automatic processing of .mq files (saved messages from QueueExplorer) is possible from .Net applications by using assembly MessageProxyLib.dll. See more in MessageProxyLibDoc.chm.

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