QueueExplorer 3.4

Explorer-like MSMQ management

With QueueExplorer you can do much more than with built-in management console - copy, move or delete messages, save and load, stress test, view and edit full message bodies (with special support for .Net serialized objects), and much more.
And it works with remote queues too!

Key benefits for developers/testers

  • test client and server applications independently - store, analyze, edit, and resend test messages
  • easily send thousands of messages for performance testing
  • view message body in detail - support for .Net serialized objects

Key benefits for administrators

  • backup and restore messages
  • manage local and remote queues
  • troubleshoot poison messages (when invalid message blocks entire queue)

New in QueueExplorer 3.x:

  • Support for subqueues and WCF.
  • Improved UI with integrated body view and message filtering.
  • Multiple body save.
  • Improved performance, etc.

Additional features in QueueExplorer Professional 3.x:

  • Connection to multiple MSMQ servers at once.
  • Grouping servers.
  • Tabbed interface.
  • Queue views - customize settings on queue by queue basis.

Full list of improvements in 3.0 with screenshots

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Main window
Main window

Message body
Message body - .Net view

Message body
Message body - XML Editor

Mass paste
Bulk sender

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