Ski Flying 3D instructions


Objective is to jump as far as possible, with best style. There are 4 different hills (ski jump ramps of different size): 90m, 110m, 120m, and 185m.

Two modes are available:

  • Single hill - play only desired hill
  • Tournament - each hill is jumped twice, lower result is discarded, and finally sum for all 4 hills is calculated.

There are 3 difficulty levels: Novice, Pro, and Expert. Higher level means faster indicators (less time to react) on jumping/landing, stronger and more volatile wind (in horizontal direction), but speed is higher at jump point, making better results if played correctly.

Game play

Following buttons are used:

Left 2, 5, 8, 0, left navigation (if available on device)
Right 3, 6, 9, #, right navigation (if available on device)
Jump/Land 1, 4, 7, *, fire (if available on device)
Pause Soft keys or "End call" key (depending on device)

These buttons are chosen so that player can use right thumb for left/right movement and left thumb for jump/land action.

Jump has 5 stages:

•  Gaining speed before jump: Use left and right trying to keep horizontal indicator in center position.

•  Jumping: Vertical indicator is displayed and it starts growing up until you press jump button. Closer to limit line, better the jump will be. However, if limit line is crossed indicator turns into flashing red and jump is penalized - proportionally to excess.

•  Flying. Use left/right to keep horizontal indicator centered

•  Landing. Press land button before vertical indicator crosses limit line. The closer the better. If indicator crosses limit, jumper will fall.

•  After-jump display: at top of the screen style points are presented. In bottom left corner is jump length and in right corner total points as combination of length and style.


As soon as points are displayed you can press any key to go to next screen. If nothing is pressed it will happen automatically 5s after jumper is fully stopped