DbOctopus 1.1 (discontinued)

This product is no longer available for purchase.

Relational browsing and editing for SQL Server - the way is should be from the start

Your database knows how tables are relationally connected. DbOctopus takes advantage of that data wherever it can. Do you need to quickly see related rows from other table, without manual searching? Or to see descriptive names from FK table instead of numeric IDs? It's just a tip of iceberg of what DbOctopus can do to help you be more productive, while making everything easier.

Videos of DbOctopus in action:

Following tasks could be performed with few mouse clicks:

  • Jump to related rows in another tables
  • Display and Look Up FK fields - no need to open that other table to see what ID=15 means - you can see meaningful values instead of numerical IDs
  • Bind child to parent table and see together your main table and related rows from other table as you move from record to record
  • Sort, Filter and Group to quickly locate your data in big tables
  • Export and import from XML and other external resources
  • Find and replace any text in entire table - no matter in which row or column it is
  • Tabbed interface for easier work with many objects
  • Lightning fast - loads thousands of rows much faster than Management Studio. If that's not fast enough, you can use Paging mode.
  • Pivot tables - just like in Excel
  • NEW Create and edit SQL scripts and queries in intelligent SQL Editor

Complete list of features



Main window
Parent-child view

Message body
SQL Editor

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